Kats Botanicals Green Brunei Kratom Capsules

From the Vendor: Get one of our best-selling green Kratom strains in a convenient, discrete capsulated format. Green Bali Kratom from Kats Botanicals isn’t a blend of multiple strains.

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From the Vendor: On the island of Borneo in southeast Asia, the small nation of Brunei sits along the northern coast. This tiny region exports some of the most sought-after Kratom found anywhere in southeast Asia, and now, Kats Botanicals is proud to offer a specialty blend containing White Vein (20%) and Green Vein (80%) Kratom imported directly from this tropical paradise. Green Brunei Kratom capsules each contain 600 milligrams of pure, lab-tested Kratom powder, and each bottle contains 60 vegan capsules. That’s 36 grams of premium, potent Kratom powder in every bottle.

History of Green Brunei Kratom
Crushed leaf and powder derived from the leaves of the Kratom plant have been used culturally in southeast Asia for hundreds of years. Furthermore, the country of Brunei has a decades-long history of producing incredibly potent, consistently effective Kratom leaves in all strain varieties. By combining White Vein and Green Vein Kratom in a 20/80 ratio, the overall effects are enhanced beyond those of either strain on its own. Kratom users rely on our Green Brunei Kratom capsules for improved motivation, optimism, and a feeling of centered wellness that only a blend like this can provide.

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