Kats Botanicals Green JongKong Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: This premium Green Vein Kratom strain delivers a broad range of noticeable effects on body, mind, and outlook. Optimal for late morning to daytime use.

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From the Vendor: This premium Green Vein Kratom strain delivers a broad range of noticeable effects on body, mind, and outlook. Optimal for late morning to daytime use.

Enjoy the very best Green Vein Kratom sourced from the JongKong region of Indonesia. Kats Botanicals Green JongKong Kratom Powder delivers a wide range of noticeable, fast-acting benefits you can feel for 4-6 hours. Kratom newbies and seasoned users alike look to Green Vein Kratom strains for reliable, consistent wellness enhancement any time throughout the day. When purity, quality, and potency matter, Kats Botanicals delivers with a hallmark Green Vein Kratom strain that is a necessity for any Kratom strain collection! Our Green JongKong Kratom Powder is held to the same stringent standards as all of our other Kratom products, including a minimum of four hours of heat pasteurization, analytical testing by an independent, third-party laboratory, and tracked processing through our cGMP-compliant production facilities.

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17 reviews for Kats Botanicals Green JongKong Kratom Powder

  1. Krystina J.

    For an early morning pick me up to help you focus on your day, go with Kats for the best product with best results. The effects are perfection with their high quality and lab tested products.

  2. Ann J.

    I really like the Green Jong Kong, great for motivation and helps me get things done with a smile! 😁

  3. Andrew F.

    For years a bought Kratom products through a one man operation online. I always got good results. However. When I bought from Kat’s the quality was the same but more expensive. I now only buy from Kat’s because of their quality control. They test all products to insure they are high quality and free of contaminants. I’m not sure of the other guy. So it’s worth the extra money. The shipping is very fast and the packaging is great.

  4. Christopher T.

    The green Jong Kong was great quality and did not disappoint. Very happy with my experience and will definitely be ordering again soon!

  5. Laurie C.

    Great strain perfect for enchanted mood and feeling good

  6. Ryan M.

    This Green Jong Kong is definitely my favorite kratom I’ve tried so far. I’m doing door to door sales currently, and as you can imagine some folks are not very friendly or inviting. This kratom keeps my mood mellow & steady, but no cognition decline and I’m able to think clearly and stay attentive & alert. Absolute best day time kratom by far, and no kratom tastes good but this one is far from gag-inducing.

  7. Keith P.

    Kats has the strongest green Jongkong on the market. Quality easy mix ability with a little warm water. The focus I get is amazing and this one keeps me on point for 4+ hrs on a teaspoon scoop. It leaves feel confident and at ease even with the extra motivation it gives. I’m never disappointed with Kats. I’ve tried a lot of other venders online and I only trust Kats. Fastest shipping anywhere it was under 2 days with this last order they keep getting better.

  8. Paul Z.

    My wife and I have had so much better. The results are very weak and not lasting

  9. Heather R.

    Gives me that extra boost I need in the morning and mid afternoon!

  10. Mark R.

    Fast shipping and of the highest quality. The strength is perfect and the effects are spot on. Thank you Kats Botanicals for all the hard work you put in to make sure all your products are top of the line.

  11. Mark C.

    Great for mornings , pre workout , and great overall sense of well being .

  12. Beck H.

    This is my go-to green, in rotation with the Green Hulu. Perfect uplifting energy without any jitters or crash afterwards

  13. Alexander L.

    Keeps me awake and energized all day. Good boost with a long duration. Strength is perfect, no side effects, less is more!

  14. Kerri K.

    We really enjoyed this blend thank you so much for creating such a great product! We love Kats botanicals!

  15. Allison W.

    Not my favorite, but it got me through 8 hours of driving, so I’m grateful. Great quality as always, just not my cup of tea. Literally 😝

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