Kats Botanicals Kats Blend Premium Fiji and Tonga Blend Kava Powder

From the Vendor: Let the spirit of Fiji and Tonga calm your mind and awaken your senses.

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From the Vendor: Two of the most beloved Kava regions merge for this balanced calming Kava. Feel that island vibe melt away your worries with openness, clarity, and ultimate zen.

At Kats Botanicals we strive to bring you the best of Fiji and Tonga combined into one transformative experience, so you can feel that crystal clear serenity that gently washes away the stress of your day. Calm, openness, social comfort, gentle sensory awareness – doesn’t that sound blissful, like walking on the beaches of the Polynesian Islands? We know that Kava is more than a beverage, it’s an experience with a long island tradition to be honored with every cup.

So you can feel that tradition of calm right in your own home, we take extra care in preparing fine micronized Kava powders which mix easily and drink smoothly. Easily whip up your favorite calming Kava beverages to drink alone in a state of peacefulness, or with friends to relax, unwind, and connect.

Each region where Kava is grown determines the Kavalactone and flavonone profiles of that particular type of Kava. Imagine each as fully embodying the environment and the care under which it is grown. This gives each regional Kava plant its own distinctive aroma, flavor, and benefit appeal.

Kats Kava Blend is a proprietary blend of top-grade Kava from the Fiji and Tonga regions of Polynesia. We work with farming families that have cultivated lush Kava for decades to get the most pristine Kava, rich with active Kavalactones. Then, we combine into a proprietary blend the blissful contributions of the plants from both regions. This enhancing Kava blend is fortified with 7-9% Kavalactones for the perfect amount of calm and mindfulness.


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