Kats Botanicals Kats Blend Premium Fiji Kava Powder

From the Vendor: Enjoy the spirit of the islands and relax with calming Kava.

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From the Vendor: Kats Kava Fiji is perfectly infused with calming molecules that bring on social ease and blissful relaxation. Unwind, enjoy, and feel the calm energy of the sand and seas with a smooth Kava beverage you can make right at home.

At Kats Botanicals we strive to bring you the purest and most calming Kava experience possible. The Fijian Islands embody a spirit of generosity, social ease, and gentle calm. Maybe it’s the soothing energy of the rolling ocean waves. Maybe it’s the communal positivity of Bula greetings. Maybe, it’s the Kava!

Our pure Fijian Kava powders are the best Kava powders on the market. Because island calm is too important to handle with less than perfection at every level of sourcing and production. Fresh from the islands and expertly prepared for you, Kats Kava Fiji delivers serenity in every single cup you enjoy.

Kava bush leaves are big and lush, and shaped like green hearts – and we think that’s no mistake! Nature’s abundance reminds us to love ourselves, stay balanced, and embrace our life. Now, that’s easy to do with Kats Kava Fiji powders. You just stir the powders into crisp, clean water and drink. Calm = activated!

Available in two sizes for your convenience, Kats Kava Fiji comes in 8 oz and 16 oz packages. Whatever size you need for yourself, or if you choose to share with others in the true spirit of Fiji culture, you can stay stocked up and prepared. Kats Kava Fiji is infused with a generous 6-8% Kavalactones. Kavalactones are the active molecules that catalyze your calm nature and help you release the worries of your day. They also make you feel like spending pleasant time in the company of others. Kava helps us embrace our connections to the world – and the people around us – with ease.


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