Kats Botanicals Premium Kratom Drink Mix (7 Flavors Available)

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From the Vendor: Experience the power of blended Maeng Da Kratom in a flavorful format that easily mixes with water. Three unique flavors delight your taste buds with just the right amount of Kratom per packet.

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From the Vendor: Now you can enjoy the benefits of Kratom in a delicious, convenient drink mix! Our flavored Kratom packs combine premium, lab-tested Kratom with your choice of seven mouth-watering flavorings: Cherry, Sour Gummy, Orange Cream, Chocolate, Berry Blast, Horchata, and Caramel Apple. Each flavored Kratom pack contains 2.5 grams of Kratom powder and 2.5 grams of flavoring. To prepare, simply add the drink mix to three or more ounces of water, stir or shake thoroughly, and enjoy!

Kats Botanicals’ flavored Kratom packs are perfectly sized for carrying in a purse or pocket, making them ideal for traveling. And, because each pack contains potent Maeng Da Kratom, you know you’re getting high-strength Kratom with every serving. Our flavored Kratom packs are individually sealed and packaged in the USA using cGMP-compliant equipment and facilities.

Flavored Kratom Packs from Kats Botanicals are small, single-serving drink mix packets that contain premium Kratom powder mixed with one of three unique flavorings. To use, simply tear open a Flavored Kratom Pack, mix the contents with three ounces of water, and enjoy! All Flavored Kratom Packs are manufactured in the USA using Kratom powder imported directly from southeast Asia.

37 reviews for Kats Botanicals Premium Kratom Drink Mix (7 Flavors Available)

  1. Thomas D.

    The taste is suprisingly good! Normally I don’t take drink kratom because of the taste, but this drink mix makes it a lot more enjoyable! This is also a fairly potent mix.

  2. Isabella C.

    The horchata doesn’t taste like horchata. The dose was nice and I could see it being convenient for someone on the go. Flavor was okay, just not horchata.

  3. Heather G.

    The flavors are a nice switch-up from the plain strain flavors. I kind of wish that the packets were a larger dose, but I just add the packets to a couple grams of regular kratom to add the flavor.

  4. Daniel N.

    I was especially pleased by this product and it was very convenient based on the small size of the pack. It has many benefits being able to take it on the go and it is guaranteed to do the job. I fully trust in Kat’s Botanicals expertise when it comes to there products and the potency as well.

  5. Samantha B.

    Super convenient to have these little things that have a big punch, instead of me measuring out a dose, then having to put it in an appropriate container if I’m going to be away for several hours, they mix well and fast. Great effect and nice boost, the convenience alone is worth it, the taste is good, I’ve had each flavor with Orange Cream and Horchata being my favorites, but they all taste good!

  6. Beth H.

    Only put 4 stars since the taste isn’t the best, but the kratom quality is phenomenal! As long as you make a drink that hides the flavor of the kratom you should be all good.

  7. Holly D.

    To be honest,I didn’t enjoy the taste of this compared to kratomade or other Kratom drink mixes. The effects were decent but not great(for me.) I do really enjoy the regular powder here though!

  8. Spencer T.

    Although I have a high tolerance, these small packs pack a punch.

  9. Mary G.

    I love the new flavors! They’re perfect for when I’m on the go

  10. Chris A.

    Really good for on the go use but if I had the choice between these and regular powder, I’d go with the powder. The taste is little hard to get used to, at least for me, but it wasn’t long after I started drinking that I felt the effects. Can’t say I’m crazy about it but I could definitely see myself purchasing more in the future.

  11. MJ F.

    As always, Kat’s Botanicals got my package to me quickly. The flavored packets are just not quite my bag. They’re effect, but sweeter tasting than I like.

  12. Wendy

    These are awesome! Perfect for my purse when when I want a pick-me-up! Happy to see some new flavors!

  13. Tori P.

    This was my first time trying the flavor pouches and I thought they were amazing. It was so much more convenient, east and tasted so good. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a convenient way to take Kats.

  14. Chance M.

    Took these on vacation. They seemed to work just fine! Plus pretty tasty.

  15. Tim S.

    Really convenient, however the flavoring is VERY strong… sadly not in the best way. I think I still prefer my juice and agave 🙂

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