Kats Botanicals Red Explosion Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: Experience a rare, full-throttle Red Vein Kratom blend made with some of the choicest Kratom harvests in the world. Excellent for mid- to late-day use.

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From the Vendor: This is the one Red Vein Kratom blend to rule them all… Our Red Explosion Kratom powder is a combination of 12 different Red Vein Kratom strains sourced from 6 regions throughout Indonesia. With Kratom coming from so many different environments and grown in varying soil conditions, Red Explosion brings the best of multiple strains into one premium, versatile Kratom blend. You will not find this blend anywhere else. And, to commemorate this limited run of Kratom, we’re shipping it in a Special Edition bag that will only be available while supplies last. Red Explosion is made from extremely small batches. This means we will only be able to offer this blend once a year.

To bring you this exclusive Red Vein Kratom blend, we selected the best Red Vein Kratom strains available from our suppliers in southeast Asia. And, to be sure that Red Explosion is as pure and potent as all of our other Kratom products, we have heat pasteurized and small-batch tested each imported shipment using independent, third-party laboratories. Then, we used our cGMP-certified processing facilities to blend all 12 strains together before packaging them into 250-gram and 500-gram bags in preparation for shipment right to you.

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4 reviews for Kats Botanicals Red Explosion Kratom Powder

  1. Codi S.

    Red explosion kratom powder gives me a perfect boost throughout the workday with a nice energy and mood enhancing balance. I will never order from another vendor. Red explosion is the bees knees.

  2. Ryan S.

    i’ve been using kratom for a few years now. red explosion seems to be the strongest strain i’ve ever tried. taste isn’t too bad comparatively. great blend/mix. as always, amazing quality coming from kats.

  3. Patrick B.

    It was okay I thought I would get a bigger bang out of it

  4. Jeff J.

    Kay’s is my go to spot for Kratom. After using Kratom for years I’ve been on the hunt for the best quality I can find. This is by far the best , strongest quality Kratom on the market today. Highly recommend. I’ve lived in WA, MT and now TX. So I’ve tried many in those states as well as online. Kats is all I order now! Super fast priority shipping and it ships same day!

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