Kats Botanicals Rogue Elephant Enhanced Red Vein Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: Rogue Elephant Red Vein perfectly combines 45% Kratom extract with alkaloid-rich Kratom powder to create an experience that’s truly worthy of being called “Enhanced.”

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From the Vendor: If you’ve been searching for a way to kick your Kratom routine up a notch, then look no further. Rogue Elephant Red Vein perfectly combines 45% Kratom extract with alkaloid-rich Kratom powder to create an experience that’s truly worthy of being called “Enhanced.”

Kats Botanicals is constantly working to make your Kratom experience as personalized and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we’re so excited about Rogue Elephant, our new line of Enhanced Kratom products. Grown and harvested in the JongKong region of Indonesia, Rogue Elephant merges the potency of 45% Kratom extract with top-of-the-line Kratom powder to produce a line of products with a minimum of 2.0% Mitragynine content that’s packed with other essential alkaloids like like Paynantheine, Speciogynine, and Speciociliatine for a truly “full spectrum” experience. For seasoned Kratom enthusiasts seeking to elevate their Kratom journey, Rogue Elephant presents the perfect choice for an extraordinary Kratom experience. Available in 28.3 gram and 127.5 gram pouches, as well as 50-count capsules.

26 reviews for Kats Botanicals Rogue Elephant Enhanced Red Vein Kratom Powder

  1. Brett O.

    Ahhmazing!! You won’t be disappointed at all & this packs a big punch! Tysm Kats.

  2. Jeremy W.

    Finding a consistently effective “Red” has become difficult over the past few years. However, the Rouge Elephant banner seems to be filling the void. A little goes a long way, wether incorporating into a blend or using as is. For experienced kratom enthusiast with higher tolerances, I would suggest no more than 1.8 grams of any of the Rogue Elephant powders, in single dosage.

  3. Teresa H.

    Absolutely love this blend. I’ve been an ongoing customer since I was introduced to kats. They never fail and customer service is phenomenal. Thank you again!

  4. Mary K.

    Nice blend of reds though not as potent as I expected. Still a good buy if you’re looking for something “extra” without spending a huge amount of money.

  5. Jan H.

    Everything I want in a daytime strain, it’s like Red Explosion² but smoother.

  6. Shannon P.

    Normally I’m not a red kinda girl, but I have to say that this extract hits on a whole new level, I have to say I love the effects it gives, calm mind and body! Kats is amazing as usual. I like how these come in powder or capsules, I usually make my own capsules but having that option is nice. Kats has done it once again! The effectiveness of their products is second to none. I’ve been a long time customer and will continue. I have gotten a tolerance over the years and this is perfect I can take a smaller dose with the same effects.

  7. Amber W.

    Definitely felt the effects of the red rogue elephant even though my tolerance level is high. 10/10

  8. Madison C.

    This one is my second favorite of the three. I enjoy taking this one as it does what I needed to do. Although I do have to say I favor green more than this one but this one is also GREAT

  9. Darla H.

    Maybe it’s because I have developed a tolerance, but I purchased sample pack & wasn’t thrilled.

  10. Tina S.

    I didn’t think that any red could be better than the red explosion, but I was wrong! This stuff, rocks!

  11. Kathy S.

    Excellent day red! Great pick me up energy! Love the extensive testing done, fast reliable shipping and super sleek packaging. Win win! Thanks Kats

  12. Devon M.

    Expected more effectiveness from it. Wasn’t bad by any means but I would rather have separate extract and powder.

  13. Michael

    Rogue Elephant Red is Simply …ON POINT! It’s very fine powder with an exact listed mg/scoop. You can use the Kats Botanicals dual-sided measuring spoon (only a few $), and find the perfect dosage for yourself. I have has great customer service as well. Highly recommend for the Kratom Connoisseur 👍

  14. Kailey L.

    Wow. Just.. wow. If you haven’t tried it… do it. You’ll be happy you did. Thanks Kats.

  15. Evan B.

    Some of the best creative I’ve tried in a very long time a little bit goes a long way only downside is it builds your tolerance quickly so it’s good to take a break every now and then but it’s A+ kratom

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