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From the Vendor: If you’re looking for astronomical value and out-of-this-world Kratom potency, your search ends with our signature Spacebird Kratom blend.

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From the Vendor: If you’re looking for astronomical value and out-of-this-world Kratom potency, your search ends with our signature Spacebird Kratom blend. This incredible Kratom trifecta includes premium Green Vein (50%), White Vein (25%), and Red Vein (25%) Kratom strains, all of which are imported directly from the JongKong region of Brunei in Southeast Asia. We’ve done the hard work of experimenting with numerous Kratom blends to determine just the right ratio of Green, Red, and White varieties to produce a broad-spectrum, ‘anytime’ Kratom blend you can enjoy throughout the day. Each 60-count bottle of Spacebird Kratom Capsules contains vegan capsules, each one packed with 600 milligrams of pure, lab-tested Kratom powder (36 grams per bottle).

History of Spacebird Kratom
Most Kratom powder is classifiable as Green Vein, White Vein, or Red Vein, depending on a host of factors like Kratom tree maturity during harvest, leaf drying methods, or time spent in fermentation. For some Kratom users, a specific Kratom strain from one of the three major categories is ideal for use at various times throughout the day. Whites are often associated with morning-time use, greens for mid day, and reds for unwinding in the evening. Our Spacebird Kratom capsules eliminate the need to worry about when to enjoy your Kratom. Because this blend contains Kratom from each major category, you get a wide range of benefits without having to keep track of serving schedules.

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10 reviews for Kats Botanicals Spacebird Kratom Capsules

  1. Matthew L.

    The capsules are an easy way to take it without needing extra supplies, but it does cost more due to the increased cost to make

  2. Karen L.

    Long lasting and potent. Good for those who are sensitive to white vein because it does not induce and stimulation.

  3. Candace P.

    Used in the evenings to chill. Great balanced blend for relaxing.

  4. Stacey B.

    Great for nighttime use. Gives me pleasant dreams

  5. Jeffrey S.

    The method used to create this blend — whatever it entails, is one of the more interesting i’ve had. I was initially torn on Spacebird, but after giving it a full-go, I’m blown away. It’s an instant addition to my rotation and the relief it provides when it comes to being able to sort of just lock in and get things done is incredible.

  6. BigTex

    Love this blend. An almost perfect mix of energy, calm and bliss all at the same time. Capsules are so much easier to measure, take, etc. Results come a little later, but to me it’s still worth it.

  7. Steven E.

    I use Kats Botanical Spacebird when I need to leave ground level and shoot into the sky! I haven’t found a product yet that wasn’t top quality. Use these capsules with a small spoon of 45% extract and get ready for lift off!

  8. Buffy S.

    I didn’t like the effects of the Spacebird capsules as much as I thought I would. I found it more relaxing than I expected. However, the Super Green capsules that I purchased recently was really good and I liked it and it worked well ! From the Spacebird blend I found out that it wasn’t for me but I can see that it would be great for another customer. The Spacebird experience I had wasn’t a total loss because now I know how I respond to blends containing Red kratom. I will be trying out a White kratom for the first time soon! Thank you Kats !

  9. Greg C.

    Excellent choice to relax and melt the tension of the day away. Great for soothing the mind and body, a calmness to end the day.

  10. Lauren H.

    I’ve been taking Kratom regularly for 4 years now. My only reason for taking it is for the energy boost and that extra sense of wellbeing. My tolerance is still low because I rotate my strains. One capsule every 5-6 hours is all I need to get me feeling perfect. Spacebird is one of my favorites! I’m currently rotating it out with Green Maengda every 5-6 hours and it’s perfect. I won’t buy my Kratom from anyone but Kats.

  11. KVR Contributor

    I’ve always been a big fan of Spacebird. It’s hard to describe unless you experience it yourself but suffice to say it brings out the best of greens and whites without having too much to keep me up at night. Perfect for days when you just want to get away from it all. And now that it’s in capsules, it’s so much easier to handle.

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