Kats Botanicals Special Reserve Liquid Kratom Shot Mint Chip

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From the Vendor: When you need a boost on-the-go, a Special Reserve Liquid Kratom Shot delivers fast-acting effects that last.


From the Vendor: When you need a boost on-the-go, a Special Reserve Liquid Kratom Shot delivers fast-acting effects that last. Always be ready for what’s next by having a Kats Botanicals Special Reserve Kratom Extract Shot within reach. We use advanced extraction techniques to draw out the most potent alkaloid found in the Kratom plant and pack it into each shot, resulting in a supercharged blast of all-natural, plant-based wellness you can feel. Each Special Reserve Liquid Kratom Shot includes 105 milligrams of Mitragynine with 50 milligrams each of caffeine and L-theanine for enhanced effects. Each shot contains four servings.

Liquid Kratom shots were first introduced into the market in 2018, but when they were initially developed, the extraction method hadn’t been perfected and the taste wasn’t ideal. We knew we could do better. Kats Botanicals’ Special Reserve Liquid Kratom Shots are specially formulated with Mitragynine extracted from premium, pure, 100% organic Kratom imported from southeast Asia. And, to enhance the taste, a delicious Mint Chip flavoring is added, with more flavors coming soon!

Rely on Special Reserve Liquid Kratom Shots for fast, effective plant-based power when you need it, without having to spend time preparing your serving. Each Special Reserve shot contains lab-tested, purity-proven Kratom extract combined with just the right amount of caffeine and L-theanine to provide balanced, smooth effects you’ll love. Our Special Reserve Kratom Extract Shots are portable, potent, and excellent for maintaining your everyday wellness regimen.

21 reviews for Kats Botanicals Special Reserve Liquid Kratom Shot Mint Chip

  1. Heather

    I love putting this in my coffee. I use half a bottle in a large Yeti of coffee that I sip on from about 7 am to 11. This gives me the extra boost I need to get through my morning comfortably. The mint flavor also tastes great in black coffee!

  2. Candi A.

    Flavor is good and it works rather quick. I love this stuff and Love Kats Botanicals.

  3. Alan S.

    Liquid shots are about the only way I take kratom and I have tried a large number of them over the years with the largest percentage being the Vivazen brand. I would not have tried the Kat’s mint chip without an enormous discount offered. I bought 12 and judge them to be not only the most acceptable tasting liquid shot but also seemingly the shot with the longest-lasting effects. Twelve bottles would have cost $240 but with the discount I paid only $80. If this was the price on a regular basis, I would order a dozen a month, being on a fixed-income pension. About the taste: If you like Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum, you’re in luck. That’s exactly what it tastes like, very agreeable. My request: Get the price down where us old codgers can afford it!

  4. Rachel A.

    This is my all-time favorite! It gives you lots of energy and a euphoric feeling. I find myself clear headed and happier when I use it. I’m 5’1”, 115 lbs and this is 4 doses for me. I tried doing 2 doses of it to see how I would feel and it was too much for me. I’ve been using Kratom for years now too. 🙂

  5. Ty L.

    These shots are a very effective and convenient way to consume kratom and tasted significantly better than I had expected.

  6. Brittney S.

    I purchased these to give me a little boost when I am exhausted after work and need to get home and still be an adult (cook, clean, dinner, etc). The taste is not very good, but I take the recommended amount and they do job!

  7. Thomas B.

    Great results, with the effects kicking in very quickly. The taste was fair, all things considering. The buzz is amazing, even 1/2 bottle at a time.

  8. Steven W.

    The size is perfect to throw in your lunchbox for a quick pick me up! The effects are very quick and have you feeling ready for another challenge of the day.

  9. Reece M.

    Very good and nice for when your in the run. Taste of better than most shots I’ve gotten from other companies.

  10. Louise B.

    Tastes great, works great!! Highly recommend the special reserve!! If you don’t try it, you’re greatly missing out.

  11. Maryanne P.

    It was great. Very tasty! Also, the effects came on strong and smooth. I definitely will buy again.

  12. Honoree P.

    This mint shot is my favorite! I carry it in my purse for those unexpected times I’m out later than I thought I’d be. The taste is great and I feel a nice boost within minutes. No jitters and no crashing affects either! I love that Kat’s is offering these!

  13. PAT C.

    The photo shows that the cap is small, and it only takes a cap or two to boost energy and positive feelings. The chocolate flavoring does an incredible job of covering the kratom taste, and the amount one needs to consume isn’t much to obtain the desired effects.

  14. Shannon H.

    The taste is what you notice first. Surprisingly good tasting with the mint. Very effective as far as potency and longevity. Definitely makes taking kratom extremely convenient. Definitely will reorder.

  15. Chelsie M.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, I have tried many liquid shots and I really liked the mint. It was also the perfect amount of caffeine

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