Kats Botanicals Super Green Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: Our Super Green Kratom is a blend of two premium, highly potent Green Vein Kratom strains; this mixture results in a highly desirable overall alkaloid profile that many of our customers swear by.


From the Vendor: When Kratom trees are young, their leaves are generally smaller. However, as they age, Kratom trees begin to produce larger and larger leaf sizes until, at the peak of their maturity, the leaves reach the biggest size they’ll get as they extend out from the tree’s branches. Super Green Kratom from Kats Botanicals is pure, high-quality Kratom powder that is produced using especially large, mature Kratom leaves. These leaves are harvested from Kratom trees that grow natively in the Kalimantan region of Indonesia, where the tropical, humid climate is perfect for thriving Kratom plants. Our Super Green Kratom is a mix of two 100% Green Vein Kratom strains. This ratio results in a highly desirable overall alkaloid profile that many of our customers swear by.

Not only is our Super Green Kratom Powder packed with high concentrations of both Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, but it’s also small batch tested for purity and potency before being packaged for shipment directly to your doorstep. Our ongoing commitment to providing pure, pristine Kratom is bolstered by our strict adherence to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), a set of guidelines set forth by the FDA to ensure the production of certifiably safe botanical products.

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17 reviews for Kats Botanicals Super Green Kratom Powder

  1. Susan P.

    This is one of my favorite products here. Its great for morning coffee substitute and afternoon and gives the motivation to make it through the rest of the day. Improves my mood greatly!

  2. Kailey L.

    YES! I got this as a surprise with an order and tried it right away. I didn’t even realize it but all my laundry and chores were done within an hour. I was zooming around the house. I love it. Yes yes yes. Especially as a mom with 3 children. This is perfection. Thank you Justin Kats!!!! You literally saved my life.

  3. Tina S.

    Love my Super Green! The boost it gives me for energy and well-being is unmatched!

  4. Nicolette R.

    Super Green is one of my all-time favorite strains. It’s perfect for the afternoon. An excellent addition to any Kratom rotation.

  5. Brittney S.

    A teaspoon of this in my water to start my morning is my work week go-to. I also enjoy mixing this with a red. Helps me to focus early morning and boosts my mood to get me over my start of the day slump. One of my favorites!

  6. Lance W.

    My favorite green right now. Smoothes out life’s little potholes and gives me razor sharp focus at work

  7. Sarah S.

    This is still one of my favorites of the green… and overall. I actually prefer this over the green Maeng Da!

  8. Joshua C.

    I also purchased the reserve batch but for some reason the regular Super Green is more effective. Better than a morning coffee to start the day. Also started using “Alpha Brain”. Excellent combo for me.

  9. Jenny P.

    Great product and service, they are always on time and the prices are great, I used to buy from a smoke shop and the give me double what they did, and the qualit is on point, I only buy through them.

  10. Kelly H.

    I loved the super green it kept me really motivated for hours!

  11. Matthew F.

    Just recently switched to super green from white Maeng da & it has been the perfect amount of euphoria & not as speedy as the white Maeng da. Would recommend! Thank you!

  12. Christopher B.

    Mood enhancer, lasts for longer than most strains. Great duration. A standard above the rest

  13. Sean B.

    Pretty good product, strength was acceptable but less than what I hoped for. My only legitimate criticism has to do with the packaging. The batch number/expiration date text was not legible (only package from Kat’s that has had this problem).

  14. Tonya D.

    This is my “go to” every morning. Gives me balanced mindset and energy. I mix it with Kool aid!! I’m never disappointed by this one. The quality is always the best.

  15. John P.

    Very effective as a pick me up before playing tennis.

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