Kats Botanicals White Borneo Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: This particular strain is a pure form of White vein Kratom powder which is regulated for potency levels.


From the Vendor: You will love the smooth taste of our White Borneo. This particular strain is a pure form of White vein Kratom powder which is regulated for potency levels and plantation grown on our sister farm in the Brunei region in Indonesia. A refreshing powder you will enjoy, White Borneo is one strain our customers love.

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24 reviews for Kats Botanicals White Borneo Kratom Powder

  1. Dave S.

    Great way to jump start your morning

  2. Heather G.

    I think that this white is just okay. It wouldn’t be my first choice as it does not give me the same boost as other whites.

  3. Ashley P.

    Great product. Accidentally ordered twice because it didn’t show the first order went through but after trying the product I don’t mind at all!

  4. Steven W.

    This was a good substitute for my white elephant. Has a nice kick and quick effects. Has a nice feeling to it, doesn’t overdo a quick energy pick me up.

  5. Daniel N.

    I was very satisfied with the quick shipping service i received as well as the benefits of this strain. White Borneo is my favorite white stain and it gives me the energy boost i need to be productive and motivated to conquer the day.

  6. Kayla L.

    By far my favorite strain of white. I love the energy it gives me.

  7. Nick B.

    This is by far the greatest healthy energy booster I’ve taken. My day begin 4am until 10pm; I take half dosage to get me to the finish line of my day.

  8. Linda C.

    The product is of good quality and shipment very quick. I had a problem on this last shipment with the way it was packaged in that when it was opened, there was a portion that spilled out because it was between the opening strip and the zip for the package seal. That is the only reason I did not give a 5 star review. This was my second order.

  9. Kelly C.

    This is by far my favorite strain from Kats. Definitely amazing for taking in the morning, gives a great little energy bump! But honestly everything from Kats is phenomenal quality! Been buying from here every two weeks for 4+ years. And turned many people on to purchasing from here. Every person that has had said Kats has the best Kratom they’ve ever used!

  10. Christina H.

    Doesn’t seem to do anything for me or my husband. We’ve tried almost every kratom sold by Kats, had to hit a dud eventually! As always great service and quick delivery!

  11. Linda O.

    I am completely satisfied with the product and the customer service. I also received my package sooner than expected, which is always a good thing.

  12. Deadesia

    Provides the boost I need to encourage me to work out with sustained energy when I’m not in the mood.

  13. Sarah H.

    Great white strain, gives a nice boost of energy and nice well being vibes.

  14. WILLIAM B.

    This strain is my go to morning energy/ pain medicine. I mix it with orange-pineapple-coconut juice in my old reliable dressing glass. It mixes well because it’s the best quality kratom you can get anywhere. It helps me focus and gives me a cool vibe and prepares me for the day ahead.

  15. DANIEL N.

    It is a very energizing strain that gives me the boost i need to get going in the morning. It has a overall feeling of good vibes and motivational effects. 2 thumbs up for this high quality white strain.

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