KratomCapsules Kratom Liquid Shot Orange Cream

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From the Vendor: Extremely potent and effective 2oz full spectrum kratom liquid drink. Orange cream flavor.

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From the Vendor: Extremely potent and effective 2oz full spectrum kratom liquid drink. Orange cream flavor.

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10 reviews for KratomCapsules Kratom Liquid Shot Orange Cream

  1. Olita

    Amazing product! Incredibly strong! I was very surprised how quickly it worked! I felt happy and pain free whole day! I’m a ceramic artist and often have to work through pain since I have arthritis in my hands and knees, and this wonderful product really helped me not only with pain, but also with a lack of motivation, that I sometimes get if I experience an artist’s block. It’s so strong, that I think next time I’ll just use a half of the jar. Very happy with it! It made my day!

  2. Daniel

    Outstanding effect on easing stomach discomfort, compared to capsules! It can act as a mild diuretic, providing relief and a positive attitude. Four stars rather than five is only about the price, which is too high for regular use.

  3. Daniel

    This is the best Kratom product I’ve tried. If the price drops, it may become my go-to form of Kratom.

  4. Dogster

    I recommend this product, fast working.

  5. Daniel

    The most effective Kratom product I’ve ever had. But because of the high price, it’s a luxury item right now. When the cost drops, my orders will go up.

  6. Jodee

    Didn’t expect to love these shots. Quick acting and potent. Relieved tension and stress fast!

  7. Goober Mountain

    Great rapid pain relief. Expensive, but it seems to be a concentrated shot of pain relief for when you need it fast.

  8. Elizabeth

    The liquid shots seem to activate faster than capsules and when I’m struggling with my depression and anxiety, and my prescription meds aren’t providing enough relief, the liquid shots are a blessing.

  9. Em

    This is amazing not only helps with pain, but with anxiety. Works better then my pain medications.

  10. TJStorm67

    I have been ordering these for time time now. After about 20-30 minutes I feel energetic and focused. I work nights and often have that daily dread of getting up and facing the world. I usually drink half when I wake up and before I know it, I feel like I can make it through yet another day. I have the second half at lunch. These are great!

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