Kratora Euphoric Kratom Liquid Extract

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From the Vendor: Looking for an easy way to enjoy uplifting, euphoric aromas on the go? Our Euphoric Liquid Kratom is your ideal match.


From the Vendor: Looking for an easy way to enjoy uplifting, euphoric aromas on the go? Our Euphoric Liquid Kratom is your ideal match. A unique blend of Red Liquid Kratom and Green Liquid Kratom, this little vial contains the best of both worlds.

Each vial holds 10ml of our natural extract, which is enough for two or three uses. We make our extracts using 100% organic kratom, and we avoid ethanol-based extraction methods so we can provide a pure kratom experience.

6 reviews for Kratora Euphoric Kratom Liquid Extract

  1. ogden

    I’ve been a Kratora customer for years. I’m always impressed with the quality of their products, the excellent customer service, fast delivery… well, everything. I gave this Euphoric Kratom Liquid Extract a try; it’s hard to resist anything with the word “euphoric” in the title, right? On the plus side, I would say I experienced a burst of energy bordering on euphoria and it came on pretty rapidly. On the other hand, it didn’t last long, maybe half an hour. More significant, as others have mentioned, is the cost. The bottle contains enough liquid for two to three doses (I went for three). That’s not many, given the price, especially compared with what you get with the kratom powder (I always get the four ounce packages). Still, it’s hard to argue with euphoria. If money was no object I’d probably use the stuff more regularly. Or if they packaged it in larger amount so the price per dose went way down. As it is maybe I’ll keep a bottle on hand for those rare really difficult days where I feel like I earned, and need, half an hour of euphoria. If I can get it… I see it’s out of stock already.

    • admin

      Great review Ogden. Totally agree. What IS the price you’d pay for a half hour of complete bliss? Compared to some of the other ways you can achieve it, $19.99 for 2-3 opportunities seems pretty reasonable to us. What does everyone else think?

  2. JJ East

    Excellent blend. Would like to results to linger a little longer but for a short burst, it’s a great pick-me-up.

  3. Lance W

    Combined with coffee at 5 am in the morning, bliss comes up like the sun. It’s a special treat for me 1x to 2x a week. I respect its properties and consider it wisely. You’re missing out if you haven’t tried it yet.

  4. dr.stoner

    Woo it’s strong. Effect is strong too. Thanks Kratora!

  5. Kay B

    This is some excellent extract!! It makes a great compliment to the morning coffee routine and has me whistling to work. What a find.

  6. KVR Contributor

    OUTSTANDING Liquid Extract. Yes, like virtually all Kratom Extracts it’s pricey, but for those days when you need something extra, this will now be on my short-list of go-to’s.

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