Kratora Green Vein Borneo Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: The exquisite wildcrafted green vein kratom from the rainforests of Borneo. — Buy Now!


From the Vendor: On our recent expedition to Indonesia, we were able to source some new kratom strains that we are very excited about. One of these is the exquisite wildcrafted green vein kratom from the rainforests of Borneo.

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16 reviews for Kratora Green Vein Borneo Kratom Powder

  1. Lou

    I really loved this stuff a great green experience!!!

  2. Chad

    This is a green strain that I use when I’m alternating aromas. Nice and smooth and easy to take. Nice mental energy boost!

  3. MD

    If you want a restful sleep, this one will do it for you! One of my all time favorites! The quality of Kratora is unmatched!

  4. Emily

    Excellent for work, gives you energy without making your antsy. A must have.

  5. abusroe

    I usually buy Kratom from a local store, bur but it is very expensive so decided to try the green Borneo. It was cheaper and better than the strains I usually buy!!! I highly recommend it!!

  6. Amy

    GB is one of my constant go-tos – the value for the price point is unmatched. My main green and has been for years.

  7. Matthew

    The quality of this product always amazes me. Very uplifting, and very energizing…but it is a balanced energy! Not too much, not too little.

  8. Max

    This strain elevates my mood and energy and lasts longer than some of the other strains. I personally mix white and green.

  9. mattkyle1208

    I love Green Borneo it’s one of my favorite, it’s uplifting, and energetic! I would recommend this!

  10. stacey

    It came nice and fresh, somewhat clumpy, that’s how you know it’s fresh. It’s nice and relaxing. comparing it to white’s i prefer this much more as it’s more relaxing.

  11. KVR Contributor

  12. Lynne

  13. sillyrabbit1214

  14. sillyrabbit1214

  15. robandcindi

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