Kratora Kanna Extract 10x Powder

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From the Vendor: Kratora’s kanna 10x extract is a very potent 10:1 powdered extract made from superior grade dried kanna. — Buy Now!

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From the Vendor: Sceletium tortuosum, better known as kanna, is a folk remedy from South Africa which has been used for centuries for both its mood boosting and calming effects. Kanna is very effective at reducing anxiety, promoting relaxation, and a sense of calmness. These qualities of kanna have led it to gain worldwide recognition as an aid for for mental fatigue and nervous tension. In small amounts, kanna provides an energy boost, improved mental clarity and better focus. In larger amounts, these effects change to both mental and physical relaxation and comfort. In both cases, mood is improved and day-to-day stress levels are reduced.

Kratora’s kanna 10x extract is a very potent 10:1 powdered extract made from superior grade dried kanna. This means that 1 gram of this extract is equal in potency to 10 grams of the whole kanna herb.

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2 reviews for Kratora Kanna Extract 10x Powder

  1. johnlay2412

    I have order Kanna and Kanna extract from several different vendors. Kratora’s Kanna extract 10x is by far the finest and purest quality that I have ever come across. It may cost a little more for 5 gms but I am able to make it last long enough to consider it a good value for a superior product. JL

  2. Ryan Walker

    This stuff is actually pretty good but you snort it, and more than the recommended dose. I’m not a big fan of kanna though I’m finding. But Its okay every now and then.
    Next time I get kanna I’m going to try Liftmodes version as the reviews on that are very good. However they are very expensive. I would say though either get kratoras or liftmode because anything else is just a waste of money really.
    The thing with drugs is everyone has different chemical needs. So you may really like this. I know adhd meds like vyvanse take my anxiety away more than things like benzos or oppiates and thats not common.

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