Kratora Kanna Powder

From the Vendor: Native to South Africa, kanna (sceletium tortuosum) has long been favored as a natural stimulant and pain reliever. — Buy Now!

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From the Vendor: Kanna – which is also called by its scientific name, sceletium tortuosum – is a succulent plant that’s native to South Africa, where native cultures have long used this plant as a stimulant and discomfort reliever. It’s also called channa or kuogoed, which means “chewable.” (A reference to one of the ways in which native cultures enjoy kanna.)

In nature, kanna is a groundcover plant with lovely flowers that have thread-like petals. The South African Hotentot tribe would chew fermented kanna roots and leaves to boost mood, but there is evidence that prehistoric cultures used kanna as well.

In fact, in South Africa, kanna is available as a commercial product which can be snuffed or “snorted”. In recent years, kanna has gained popularity outside of Africa.

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