Kratora Green Malay Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: Malay kratom is known for its strongly euphoric and gently energizing effects. It becomes relaxing at higher quantities. — Buy Now!


From the Vendor: Harvested from only the most mature leaves, our Malay kratom is then finely ground to the consistency of powder sugar for maximum absorption. Malay kratom is known for its strongly euphoric and gently energizing effects. It becomes relaxing at higher quantities. Malay is also known for its long lasting effects, which can be up to 8 hours in duration. It is surprising that this variety is not more widely used and is considered a gem by many kratom researchers.

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15 reviews for Kratora Green Malay Kratom Powder

  1. Nina

    I love this powder – I use it before a meeting i have to focus on and right before i exercise its great!

  2. abusroe

    This Kratom is euphoric and provides lots of energy. Great to take after a long week of work.

  3. Kathi

    I think I have tried most every product at Kratora. All their products are great but the green Malay seems to work the best for me whatever the time of day. It keeps me alert and focused. I’m never disappointed with this strain.

  4. Michele

    I am 70 and have been using Green Malay for years. Helps this old lady continue to work throughout the day and not be couch potato.

    • admin

      Just goes to show once again that there’s no solid demographic for Kratom. It can resonate with people of ALL ages! Thanks for the story Michelle.

  5. Leslie

    This is my favorite product! You can never go wrong with kratora and the green Malay exceeds all expectations- it’s smooth and allows me to relax and decompress after a long shift.

  6. alicia

    I like this kind! It’s smooth and comfortable. Helps my body day to day pains!

    • admin

      IMHO, Green Malay is a very underappreciated strain. So much hype goes to Green MD and Green Thai, that Malay gets passed over. It’s like blending a red and a green to produce an overall awesome experience. Who else out there is a Green Malay fan?

  7. Emily

    Helpful with show start mornings and day to day pain throughout the day without making you drowsy.

  8. James

    My first experience with Kratom and never fails. A good balance between mood and pain. And I can never say enough about Kratora’s customer service. They treat your problem like their problem.

  9. Tanya

    I wish that I had discovered this strain sooner. I have found this to be my happy place…calm, energetic and a bit euphoric. It’s wonderful.

  10. Carl

    All kratora kratom is unsurpassed.After seven years of being a customer I have tried others and no one comes close in any way

  11. andersonmd1215

    This strain will make you want to achieve greatness in life. If you’re feeling down and need a sense of purpose, use this one!

  12. jerry

  13. bryan_conlon17

  14. johntracey

  15. Andrew Rivera

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