Kratora White Vein Borneo Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: Our white vein kratom is made from only all-natural, handpicked leaves, and gives a distinctive energizing aroma. — Buy Now!


From the Vendor: Borneo in Southeast Asia is home to some of the world’s oldest rainforests—believed to be millions of years old. Under this rainforest canopy, one can find kratom trees growing in the wild where they flourish and thrive in their natural habitat.

In this idyllic setting, harvesters select kratom leaves according to their color for drying and grinding into powder. Our white vein kratom is made from only all-natural, handpicked leaves, and gives a distinctive energizing aroma. After drying, these leaves are then ground to the consistency of powdered sugar for ease of use.

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22 reviews for Kratora White Vein Borneo Kratom Powder

  1. Deborah

    Love this strain. Working a 2nd shift it gives me the energy to keep going and stay focused.

  2. Michael

    Great strain for euphoria and energy in mild to moderate doses, great stuff all around, my favorite strain.

  3. katherine

    Nice- smooth take off… balanced mood. Uplifts mood with a small boost of “get it done” energy. Overall nice white strain – I take it alone or pair it with one of my other favorites like the horned white.

  4. Daisy T

    Enjoy this but this batch was very granular, I would like if it was more consistent and smooth

  5. James

    Gives me a great boost of energy and helps me to focus which I have some issues with. As usual thank you Kratora!

  6. Max

    I have always loved the white borneo kratom. Since finding Kratora I have noticed the inferiority of other supplier’s product. Made me fall in love with the white borneo all over again.

  7. mattkyle1208

    This is great if you need energy, or pick me up, also helps with focus. Again or Kratora delivered. I would recommend them over any other place.

  8. Eliza B

    White Borneo is pretty common. You can buy it from just about any good K vendor. It’s quality and freshness that’s the hardest to find. Kratora always delivers both. They’re slightly higher than some other vendors but their product is worth it.

  9. clearimageweb

  10. Paula

  11. westernheat

  12. lucindap

  13. jerry

  14. faithfulnurse77

  15. Kevin Nance

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