Kratora White Vein Borneo Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: Our white vein kratom is made from only all-natural, handpicked leaves, and gives a distinctive energizing aroma. — Buy Now!


From the Vendor: Borneo in Southeast Asia is home to some of the world’s oldest rainforests—believed to be millions of years old. Under this rainforest canopy, one can find kratom trees growing in the wild where they flourish and thrive in their natural habitat.

In this idyllic setting, harvesters select kratom leaves according to their color for drying and grinding into powder. Our white vein kratom is made from only all-natural, handpicked leaves, and gives a distinctive energizing aroma. After drying, these leaves are then ground to the consistency of powdered sugar for ease of use.

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27 reviews for Kratora White Vein Borneo Kratom Powder

  1. David

    take white vein to help discomfort in my legs and for energy. Your Borneo White did the trick and was delivered quicker than I would have expected. I will definitely be a repeat customer

  2. Art

    As a customer since late 2017 Kratora is a company you can rely on and trust for superior products and service! I use kratom ONLY in the morning as a “pick me up” like you would with your coffee, favorite energy drink, etc. I was first introduced to kratom through my son (who is a perosnal trainer in LA) in 2016. Did my research with other companies and tried their products. I saw Kratora and being that they were local to me, let’s try them out. The rest is history. We’ve been customers since! I’ve tried several products of theirs and rest assured you will not be disappointed! Keep up the great work!

  3. Charles

    I would recommend this to anyone even though it’s expensive compared to other kratom websites. The high quality makes it very much worth it.

  4. Lou

    This is my favorite mood enhancer kratom for the lower price point. New users try this!!!

  5. Carol

    nice way to start my mornings, I have found I don’t need to take anything else to help with my day to day pain.

  6. john

    Premium White Borneo Kratom is my new favorite for relief without the drowsiness that sometimes accompanies the Red or even the green vein. As always, Kratora’s attention to quality and purity is unmatched.

  7. Carmen

    Definitely made a difference in my desire to be social when I otherwise might have chosen to not engage and I found it was pleasant to do so.

  8. littlesuey1978

    This product is great for days that I don’t want to do anything, but don’t have a choice. It’s gives me energy and motivation.

  9. mcraburn123

    This is really good. I usually buy maeng da, but this strain is worth every penny.

  10. sharriedd

    This strain helps get me moving in the morning. Walked me up, helps me focus. Highly recommend!

  11. John

    One of the best choices for white Kratom, if you maybe don’t want the more powerful strands. It’s still great as a white, but a little more mellow like a red making it the best of both!

  12. hgorbach

    I have been a customer of Kratora for 4 years and must say that from a standpoint of service, support and consistent high quality of product, Kratora is top notch. The White Borneo constantly delivers what one would expect with lasting energy. I have never been disappointed. Of course, that is my experience with over 6 other products I regularly purchase.

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