Laughing Lion WOW! Morning Liquid Kratom Shot

From the Vendor: Start Your Morning Right with WOW! Morning!

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From the Vendor: Start Your Morning Right with WOW! Morning! NOW Featuring 100% Chemical-Free Natural Kratom Extract (no harmful chemicals used in the extraction process!) Many extracts on the market contain residual solvents including highly toxic chemicals!)

WOW! Liquid Kratom Shots not only meet your kratom “on-the-go” needs, but also adds many herbs to help with all the stresses and difficulties that these days bring!

With each 2oz bottle containing about 12g equivalent of kratom powder, most people find they can use 1oz per dose!
Complete Spectrum Naturally Extracted Kratom equal to 12g of leaf powder per bottle!
Herbs to help balance men and women’s feelings of wellbeing
Naturally Sweetened with Stevia and Erythritol!
2 Servings per bottle*
Supportive Herbs to make your day brighter, and more upbeat!
All-Natural Caffeine from Guarana Seed (75mg per 1oz serving)
Start Your Day Right with the mood elevating herbs added to the kratom!

*Each 1oz serving is equal to 6g of kratom leaf powder. We recommend 1oz for users who use 6 or less grams of kratom per dose and 2oz for experienced consumers.


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