Mission Farms 25mg Pure CBD Gummies with Nano CBD

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From the Vendor: Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD: 21mg of Full Spectrum CBD + 4mg of Nano CBD. The high absorption rate of the Nano CBD gives these gummies a strength that is similar to a 45mg gummy, making them the most effective CBD gummies available.

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From the Vendor: These daily wellness gummies combine fast-acting, extra-strength Nano CBD with the proven effectiveness of organically-grown, Full Spectrum CBD in a naturally delicious treat. They’re an easy way to get whole health support, including calming anxiety, managing discomfort, sleeping better, and more.

Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD: 21mg of Full Spectrum CBD + 4mg of Nano CBD. The high absorption rate of the Nano CBD gives these gummies a strength that is similar to a 45mg gummy, making them the most effective CBD gummies available.

Available in two delicious natural flavors native to our Oregon roots: Marionberry Lemon and Hood River Apple Pie.

Mission Farms CBD Gummies with Nano

We tried dozens of CBD gummies and boy, were we disappointed with how little difference we felt taking them. We refused to make a CBD gummy until we could create ones that made a difference. Our CBD gummies are:

Fast Acting: Nano CBD is absorbed by your body 3x as fast as regular CBD. Feel the difference in as little as 15 minutes.
Extra-Strength: About 6x as much nano CBD is absorbed by your body than regular CBD.
More Effective Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD, with trace cannabinoids and terpenes that work together to create an entourage effect, makes our gummies more effective for sleep, stress, discomfort, and everyday wellness than the majority of gummies which are made with Broad Spectrum CBD or Isolate CBD.

This unique combination of Nano CBD plus Full Spectrum CBD makes these gummies the most effective CBD gummies on the market.

These CBD Gummies have 25mg of CBD each, but they have the effectiveness of a 45mg gummy. How does that work? Nano CBD is comprised of very small CBD molecules that are combined with ingredients that make the CBD water-soluble. The result is a type of CBD that your body absorbs more easily. The Nano CBD is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and then into your cells. As a result, you get almost twice as much CBD per Mission Farms gummy than you do with other gummies.

Effective CBD Content: 45mg per gummy, 1350mg per jar.

We tried dozens of CBD gummies and boy were we disappointed with the flavors. Cherry. Lemon. Orange. Tropical Punch. Boring! In fact, some of them were downright nasty. We wanted you to enjoy gummies made in small batches with sophisticated flavors rooted in our great state of Oregon.

Marionberries are a special treat that grows wild in the foothills of the Cascade mountains, so they became the basis of our Marionberry Lemon CBD Gummies. These gummies are bursting with sweet berry flavor yet are balanced by a touch of tart lemon.

One of our favorite weekend trips is to Hood River Valley where apple orchards flourish beneath the shadow of Mount Hood. What’s better than a fresh apple? Fresh Apple Pie. You can taste the buttery crust in these Hood River Apple Pie CBD Gummies! We believe apple pie should be enjoyed anytime of day, and the same is true of these gummies.

Essential Oils: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Pectin, Natural Flavors, Hemp Extract, Natural Color, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid.

11 reviews for Mission Farms 25mg Pure CBD Gummies with Nano CBD

  1. Mercedita W.

    Best CBD Gummies in the market hands down! Fast acting without feeling groggy in the morning. Just pure relaxation if you want your zzz

  2. Dianna S.

    They tasted good but didn’t really help me with sleeping any better than I normally do.

  3. Linda N.

    Like this with the gel tabs as a nighttime dose. Helps me sleep better

  4. Dawn D.

    A gummy before bed and I get the best night’s sleep.

  5. EDWARD S.

    Awesome product that works. Within 15-20 minutes of consuming the pain or discomfort is eliminated or greatly reduced, but mostly the former. Effects have generally lasted for more than one or two days.

  6. Toni W.

    I just had a hip replacement & am also dealing with a bad knee that will soon be replaced. These gummies have been great for pain relief. My husband loves them, too. We’ve recommended them to all our friends & family. Just wish they weren’t so expensive.

  7. Candace B.

    The Mission Farms gummies are among their products that I use to manage chronic headaches. They are fast acting and help me to control the pain. I am grateful for their products and service. I appreciate how they have been evolving and creating new ways to offer CBD over the years I have been a customer.

  8. Lisa P.

    I love the convenience of the gummies. Would like to see them made with a sugar alternative. Then they would be perfect.

  9. Shawn M.

    I tried out both flavors of your new gummies this month. The Leamon/Berry is my favorite. However, the Apple was also surprisingly good. I liked adding half a dose of your Vanilla Mint CBD oil to it to give it an Apple Mint flavor. I also like that you added the nano CBDs to them so it can help get them started a little earlier, due to them being ingested. YUMMY! You get a big thumbs up for both of them from me.

  10. John B.

    Was so happy when Mission Farms introduced gummies as I have loved their other products. Compared to a few other brands I have tried, these are the first ones I have tried that make me feel noticeably more calm and relaxed. Not sure if it is the Nano CBD or what but whatever it is, it works great!

  11. Yvette D.

    I tried it and I can feel relief in 15 minutes, I am going to use the gummies from now on.

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