Modus Gold Series Super Strength Kratom Capsules

From the Vendor: Packed with 150mg servings of a potent blend of delta 10 THC, live resin delta 8 THC, and THC-P, these gummies will take your hemp journey to new heights.


From the Vendor: Experience the Modus Gold Series Kratom Super Strength Capsules, expertly curated for the ultimate kratom experience. With three specialized blends – Zing/Maeng Da for an energizing boost, Mello/Indo for serene relaxation, and Flo/Maylay for balanced vitality – find your perfect state. Available in 3 and 6-count sizes, each capsule promises potency and purity for a remarkable experience.

Zing/Maeng Da: Elevate your day with our Zing blend, featuring Maeng Da kratom known for its potent energizing and focus-enhancing effects. Ideal for those seeking an extra pep in their step or needing to power through demanding tasks, Zing is your go-to for an immediate and lasting boost.

Mello/Indo: Unwind with Mello, a blend crafted from the finest Indo kratom strains, revered for their deeply relaxing and stress-relieving properties. Perfect for easing into a peaceful evening or soothing away the stresses of the day, Mello offers a tranquil escape into serenity.

Flo/Maylay: Find your perfect balance with Flo, formulated with premium Maylay kratom that harmonizes energy and calm. This blend is designed for those seeking a steady flow of vitality and relaxation, making it ideal for a harmonious day-to-night transition.

Available in convenient 3-count and 6-count sizes, Modus Gold Series Kratom Super Strength Capsules are designed for ease of use and discretion. Each capsule delivers a precise, super-strength dose of kratom, ensuring a consistent and powerful experience every time.

Crafted with purity and potency in mind, our kratom is sourced from the highest quality leaves, ensuring each capsule in the Modus Gold Series delivers the exceptional experience our customers expect. Dive into the world of enhanced wellbeing and discover your ideal kratom blend with the Modus Gold Series.