Modus Knockout Blend 3000mg Delta 10, Delta 8 Live Resin & THC-P Gummies

From the Vendor: Packed with 150mg servings of a potent blend of delta 10 THC, live resin delta 8 THC, and THC-P, these gummies will take your hemp journey to new heights.


From the Vendor: Riding on the waves of success from their previous lineup, Modus proudly presents their newest marvel – version 3.0 of the Modus Knockout Gummies! These crowd favorites are back with a bang, this time pumped with an exhilarating blend of delta 10 THC, live resin delta 8 THC, and THC-P. Each pack delivers a mighty 3000mg dosage, thoughtfully split into 20 tantalizing gummies at 150mg per pop, making them perfect for portion control and customized enjoyment.

What makes these gummies stand out in a sea of edibles? It’s their scrupulously crafted flavors, each possessing its unique strain and taste, courtesy of strain-specific terpenes. The Modus Knockout Gummies truly embody their name, offering an experience that’s quite literally a knockout! These delicacies are meticulously created using the finest ingredients and are a testament to the exceptional quality that Modus brings to the table.

But the magic of Modus Knockout Gummies doesn’t end there. Every gummy comes suffused with extracts sourced from premium, U.S.-grown hemp plants. Quality control is paramount to Modus, hence each batch undergoes stringent third-party laboratory testing before reaching you.

With seven mouth-watering flavors to pick from – including Tropical Fusion, Berry Bite, and a delightful Assorted pack that serves up a bit of everything – the Modus Knockout Gummies 3.0 ensures there’s something to tickle every palate. Choose from sativa, indica, and hybrid variations for a tailored hemp experience.

Let’s take a quick tour of the delicious flavors in store:

Mamba Melon: Drawing inspiration from the beloved Mamba strain, expect a rush of juicy, sweet, and tangy watermelon. This flavor is organic and Kosher-certified.
Purple Grape: A nod to the classic Grape Ape strain, savor the taste of lush concord grapes with a dash of sweet candy.
Sour Blue Razz: Echoing the much-loved Sour Blue Raspberry strain, this one’s a zesty blue raspberry flavor that will remind you of your favorite childhood gummy treat.
Berry Bite: Modeled after the Strawberry Spider Bite strain, anticipate a dance of sweet-sour strawberry on your tongue, rounded off with familiar candy notes. This flavor, too, is organic and Kosher.
Lemon Lime: Inspired by its namesake strain, Lemon Lime is a burst of sweet-sour citrus goodness with pronounced hints of lemon and lime.
Tropical Fusion: Embodying the celebrated Tropical Fusion strain, these gummies transport you to a tropical paradise with juicy notes of mango, pineapple, and more.
Assorted Flavors: Can’t decide on a single flavor? The Assorted Flavors pack has got you covered. Enjoy a taste of all the Modus Knockout goodness in one pack!

So gear up to experience the new and improved Modus Knockout Gummies 3.0 – a sensational symphony of taste, texture, and the unique potency of hemp, meticulously crafted for your delight. Enjoy the knockout effect!