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From the Vendor: Turkey tail mushroom is a common polypore mushroom that has earned its name from its resemblance to the colorful plumage of a turkey’s tail.


From the Vendor: Turkey tail mushroom is a common polypore mushroom that has earned its name from its resemblance to the colorful plumage of a turkey’s tail. Also known as Trametes versicolor and Polyporus versicolor, Turkey tail mushroom can be found growing on fallen logs and tree stumps all over the world. The top surface of the Trametes versicolor cap shows typical concentric zones of different colours. The flesh is 1–3 mm thick and has a dense leathery texture. Turkey tail mushroom commonly grows in tiled layers. Turkey tail mushroom caps most commonly grow into a rust-brown or darker brown color, sometimes with blackish regions. Traditional Chinese practices have utilized Turkey tail mushroom health benefits for centuries. Traditionally, Trametes versicolor was made into a tonic or some form of a Turkey tail mushroom tea.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Benefits and Uses
May help support inflammation levels
May help promote cellular health
May help support immune system function
May help promote digestive health

Turkey Tail Mushroom Health Benefits
Turkey tail mushroom benefits have been utilized for centuries to promote immune health and function. For years we were unsure what exactly in Turkey tail was promoting these Turkey Tail mushroom benefits. Modern research on Turkey tail mushroom was able to find that turkey tail contains two important compounds great for boosting immune health and function known as Polysaccharide K (PSK) and Polysaccharide-peptide (PSP). Animal studies and laboratory research tested the impact of PSK on the immune system, specifically immune cells callednatural killer cells.

Studies investigating Turkey tail mushroom benefits concluded that PSK can stimulate Natural Killer cells but it is still unknown whether that is a direct or indirect effect. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, Polysaccharide K from Trametes versicolor has been used to promote cellular health and immune function in Japan for decades. In vitro trials discovered that Polysaccharide-peptide (PSP), a peptide in Turkey tail mushroom, raises monocyte content. Monocytes are known to bolster our bodies’ natural defenses and promote overall immune system function. PSP tests in rat trials revealed that PSP from a Trametes versicolor extract appeared to support healthy inflammation levels compared to test groups without a Trametes versicolor extract. Recent studies have also discovered that Turkey tail mushroom health benefits may help support digestive health as one of several Turkey tail health benefits. A few clinical trials on Turkey tail mushroom, have found that oral consumption of a Turkey tail mushroom supplement containing PSP supported digestive and gut health. Some believe that these Turkey tail mushroom health benefits may also contribute to help promote healthy immune function.

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