Oliver’s Harvest 1000mg Broad Spectrum Orange CBD Oil

From the Vendor: Our orange-flavored CBD offers a tangy, delicious way to incorporate CBD oil into your daily schedule without any signs of a bitter aftertaste.


From the Vendor: Introducing our line of Oliver’s Harvest Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil. Our high-quality oils are designed to enhance your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is responsible for regulating sleep, pain, and stress, among other things. Our CBD oils provide you results fast and efficiently. Try Oliver’s Harvest Broad-Spectrum CBD oil to improve your overall wellness.

By promoting a healthy endocannabinoid system, continued use of CBD oil may:
Help maintain healthy joints
Support a healthy inflammatory response
Help regulate sleep cycles
Reduce stress and anxiousness
Promote a healthy digestion

What Strength to Choose:

250mg (serving 16.7mg/ml): New to CBD? With 15mL, our 250mg strength is designed for newcomers who would like to try broad-spectrum CBD.
500 mg (serving 16.7mg/ml): Tried CBD before? Our 500mg comes in 30mL bottles for users who have tried CBD before and know their optimal strength.
1000 mg (serving 33.3mg/ml): Everyday user? This concentration is perfect for CBD users looking to experience the benefits of CBD at their full potential.
2000 mg (concentration 66.7 mg/ml): This strength is for daily users. You can use 2,000 mg tinctures to relieve stronger symptoms or simply to reduce the serving dose. You will save on getting more CBD for a lower price.
3500 mg (concentration 116.7 mg/ml): The highest strength for experienced users with severe symptoms. You can also reduce your daily dose to only a few drops and use the bottle for a few months. This bottle offers the highest saving per mg of CBD.


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