PA Botanicals White Machine Kratom Powder

(2 customer reviews)

From the Vendor: Your motivation and energy will NEVER be the same! Introducing our newest kratom blend, White Machine!


From the Vendor: Consisting of an even blend from following kratom strains:

  • White Horn
  • White Bali
  • White Gold
  • White Indo
  • White Kapuas
  • Emerald

2 reviews for PA Botanicals White Machine Kratom Powder

  1. Brian M.

    I live in a very remote area of North Dakota and I can say that when the weather permits, I receive my orders very quickly. And being a long time customer, PA Botanicals products have never let me down.

  2. KVR Contributor

    If you’re still working out the old-fashioned way and adding a scoop those heartbeat-racing, jittery feeling preworkout powders to your drink, you’re living in the 90’s man! White Machine will blow you away with how much energy, motivation, focus and positivity it brings to your gym visits – and without feeling like your heart is about to explode. This is my new go-to blend. I only switch out once a week or so just for a change of pace, but then it’s back to the blend I know will consistently deliver good, clean results.

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