PETLYcbd 125mg Pet Hemp CBD Oil for Cats

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From the Vendor: Our feline droppers have been scientifically crafted for our small furry friends. Formulated with 125 mg of organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich hemp.

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From the Vendor: Our feline droppers have been scientifically crafted for our small furry friends. Formulated with 125 mg of organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. Each bottle contains 30 droppers at 4.16mg per dropper. This natural product combines only two natural compounds that support feline health—broad-spectrum hemp extract and MCT coconut oil.

Our proprietary formula features a blend of naturally occurring compounds and terpenes found in broad-spectrum hemp oil.

100% organically grown hemp
Always third-party tested
Completely THC-free
Non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free
Human-grade MCT
No additives or preservatives
Veterinarian approved

12 reviews for PETLYcbd 125mg Pet Hemp CBD Oil for Cats

  1. Lacy F

    I truly believe this product is keeping my 19 yr old Calico going. She has end stage kidney failure, and I don’t think she would be doing as well as she is if I had not found this miracle product a year ago. Super thankful.

  2. Marc S

    unfortunately, after using the pet hemp cbd for a few weeks now I cannot make any informed statement as to its effectiveness or effects at all. I wish i could and would like to think its helping but truly cannot say.

  3. Jill K

    I was giving my kitty another kind of CBD, but she seems to be doing better on this brand, so I will keep giving this to her. She is 16 years old, and still playful and bright eyed.

  4. Vera S

    Our Tuommy seems quite relaxed when he gets his nightly dose .

  5. John

    I have a 16 year old cat the developed hyperesthesia, this is the only thing that helps, because i dont want her to be put on anti convulsive meds that may not work. This relaxes and eases her to the point she has not had an episode, that looks like a seziure, in months

  6. Robin J

    I’ve been using this CBD for my cat who’s been battling Stomatitis for years. I slowly weaned her off her prednisone (under veterinary supervision) and she’s been using CBD instead since 03/01/21. So far she’s been doing great. It may be a bit more expensive than traditional medicines, but I feel much better using this natural remedy rather than pumping her full of harmful steroids for the rest of her life. It’s worth the cost to me.

  7. Robert B

    The product works very well with my cats arthritis. She is getting around quite a bit better

  8. Suzanne

    We started our elderly, arthritic cat on Petly CBD oil and the difference is night and day. He’s happy and playful again. Would recommend this so highly. It’s made a vast improvement on his life.

  9. Enrique

    It’s my cat’s first time trying CBD. So far it’s been very…quiet in my apt. lol I feed it to her in food, she’s not usually keen on anything I put on her or in her mouth. My Tortie is very talkative, normally, but she gets very quiet, relaxed, not on edge like she usually is. I also get to pet her more than before. She’d get aggressive if I pet her too much. She’s a little more predictable, more at ease I’d say. I will also say that the first 2 nights she was like, really drowsy-looking and slept quite a bit. I was worried, but she’s gotten used to the medicine, so it doesn’t affect her the same way anymore. Whew. Thank you, PetlyCBD, for helping me find a way for my baby to relax and not be so hypervigilant. I appreciate you.

  10. MONICA

    It’s only been a week since I’ve been using the CBD oil on my cat and so far it’s been doing the job. My cat is a senior cat and is a really fussy eater. He seems to be less in pain and he is eating more than usual. Not as much as I’d hope, but something is better than nothing.

  11. Leslie Leath

  12. Suzanne Garner

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