PETLYcbd 2mg Pet Hemp CBD Dog Treats

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From the Vendor: These tantalizing CBD treats not only host a wealth of health benefits, but will have your pup begging for more.

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From the Vendor: At Petly, we treat our four-legged friends as members of our family. Our mission is to help our beloved companions live the happiest, healthiest lives possible. This is why we only offer all-natural certified THC FREE hemp CBD products. Our proprietary veterinarian formulated soft chews are carefully crafted ensuring every ingredient is of the highest quality, and always free of preservatives and pesticides. These tantalizing CBD treats not only host a wealth of health benefits, but will have your pup begging for more.

For dogs of all sizes:

Water Soluble Broad Spectrum CBD – (5-10 Times more bio-available than oil based treats)
Made in USA
Organically Grown Hemp
3rd-party lab tested
THC Free

24 reviews for PETLYcbd 2mg Pet Hemp CBD Dog Treats

  1. Heidi H

    I have an elderly dog that has trouble getting up and down. This a great supplement to help with her joints and mobility.

  2. jeffrey s

    Settles my dog Charlie immensley before bed! Doesnt twitch much after sleeping on chews.Rests well!


    My 9 year old Min Pin had a couple seizures during COVID times. I wanted to try CBD before putting him on a daily seizure med. So far the CBD treats have helped him be seizure free. He also has some separation anxiety when I leave him at home. So the treats have helped with that, too. They give him a little pep and help him to chill out when it’s time for bed. He started with 1/4 of a treat in the morning and now we’re at 1/4 in the morning and 1/4 in the evening. He weights about 13 lbs.

  4. Leah D

    My dog has so much anxiety when we travel or around fireworks time that its very hard to not help her. CBD treats really seem to help her.

  5. David K

    This stuf gives is llike a fountain of youth for my 15 year old Dobi who is compromised by lumps, and hind leg arthritis) She likes them so much straight out of the bag, that she loves when I make her food “special” by crumbling one these on top of her purina beniful salmon dry dog food
    It is mid July, this stuff helped so much, I actually have hope she will make it through another Wisconsin Winter

  6. Alisha E.

    My dog really likes the bacon flavor and seems help her arthritis.

  7. Diana C

    Our French Bulldog hurt her back and after a very expensive trip to her vet we decided to 1)not let her jump from the furniture anymore and 2) start her on CBD. She’s really doing great now, back to her old self and no pain, I do believe these are a great help to her overall health and she loves them!

  8. ken p

    Thanks. Cannabis has helped my daughter fibromyalgia and chrones. The CBD from petly has helped my mastiff. Thanks

  9. sheri c

    I originally purchased to use on an upcoming car trip across 4 states. However, ended up using them right away when Champ developed a Staff infection in his ear. He was continuously shaking his head. For the 36 hrs before we could get him into the vet we used the CBD chews and what a difference. He was relaxed, barely shook his head and the vet said to continue them if it made him feel better. Thank you

  10. Maralyn

    I was eager to give these to my 11 year old poodle terrier since he has trouble sleeping at night. He would keep us up until 3am pacing and scratching doors. Unfortunately they didn’t work. Gave him two an hour before we went to bed and it seemed to make him more awake than before. After fours day of giving it to him he no longer would eat them. Now the majority of the bag is going to waste since he won’t eat them anymore. Seems to work for others… wish it worked for mine but every dog is different!

  11. Nikolle S

    My senior dog is already showing less stiffness and the customer support team was great

  12. Anon

    The dogs loved these and consequently ran out sooner than planned. It seemed to to calm my 16 yr old Jack Russell. He had a touch of dimensia according to the vet. He paces at night (the dog) and this seems to reduce that behavior.

  13. Tyrone

    We have been using these CBD dog treats for about 8 months. They help with her arthritis. She gets around a lot better. Also she stresses while riding in the car. The treats help relieve her stress. She is more relaxed on road trips. Highly recommend these for your dog. They work great.

  14. Eric Bakhtiari

  15. John Malek

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