PlusCBD 500mg CBD Pain Relief Muscle Cream

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From the Vendor: The +PlusCBD Pain Relief Muscle Cream can provide relief to individuals managing muscle pain, stiffness, or soreness related to tension, stress, overuse, and other minor injuries.

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From the Vendor: With the increase in remote work from the pandemic, studies show that 25% of Americans spend more than eight hours a day sitting. At the same time, people are turning to fitness and outdoor workouts to find balance. Both inactivity and overuse can increase muscle pain. The +PlusCBD Pain Relief Muscle Cream can provide relief to individuals managing muscle pain, stiffness, or soreness related to tension, stress, overuse, and other minor injuries. Beyond just muscles, the Muscle Cream can also relieve joint pain. There are 500 mg of CBD per 2 oz of cream, plus warming camphor and cooling menthol.

+PlusCBD Pain Relief Muscle Cream provides temporary relief from minor muscle aches and pains. With camphor and menthol, our Pain Relief cream cools then warms the area around the muscle to provide short-term comfort and relief from minor everyday soreness. Our award-winning hemp extract offers soothing and nourishing effects of CBD to produce a full spectrum of skin-smoothing benefits.

Menthol: Sourced from the mint plant, menthol cools the skin on contact, offering temporary pain relief.

Camphor: Extracted from the camphor tree, camphor provides a warming effect where applied, making it popular in pain relief topicals.

CBD: A constituent of hemp extract, CBD and hemp’s other nutrients smooth and nourish the skin.

7 reviews for PlusCBD 500mg CBD Pain Relief Muscle Cream

  1. Kevin S.

    I’m an avid 66 year old bike rider. After long rides the muscle cream eases the discomfort in my knees.

  2. Mona P.

    It works quite well. My only complaint is the menthol odor. I really dislike that smell and I don’t want anyone to think I smell like bengay, which my age group always associated with old people; and I am old. I just don’t want to smell like it.

  3. John V.

    I have been blown away at how fast this cream provided much needed relief from shoulder pain. I know everyone is different but for me it only took about 15 minutes for full effect. So glad we added this to our order of cbd capsules. Thanks again for such great products.

  4. Lisa B.

    bar none best muscle cream on the market. the perfect mixture of ingredients to help aching muscles from weather, injuries, working out. great for massages. I would recommend this to anyone who deals with tight aching muscles sprains and charlie horses.

  5. Martin K.

    I had been using another cream for muscle aches and pain which was not sold in drug stores which was very good. Since I have been very happy with the CBD softgels I have been buying from +PlusCBD, I decided to try its muscle cream. I am extremely pleased with it. The cream rubs in very fast and more thoroughly than the prior product I had been usifng. This muscle cream does not leave any residue or skin once rubbed in. You can wipe a clean hand over the area and you would never know that a cream had just been rubbed in. Within a short time you can feel the pain ebb and since I rub it in just prior to going to sleep, I am able to sleep more comfortably.

  6. Deborah B.

    love this product, brings much relief to my sore muscles. doesn’t smell strong, easy to apply

  7. Erin J.

    Absolutely love this cream. Use nightly on my husband and myself on legs, back, and sometimes shoulder. The cream can’t be used on my feet neuropathy. The camphor and menthol make the neuropathy worse but calves, knees and ankles get good relief. I even use it on my abdomen for abdominal cramps from ulcerative colitis. I use the balm on my feet, ankles, calves and knees Great products. Consistent relief. Both, this cream and the balm work as great relaxing agents also.

    • admin

      We’ve always been more of a balm team vs. cream or roll-on. What’s everyone else’s opinion as to which application type is best? Balm, Cream or Stick?

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