PlusCBD 750mg CBD Pain Relief Arthritis Cream

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From the Vendor: +PlusCBD Pain Relief Arthritis Cream provides temporary relief from minor pain associated with arthritis and similar aching in the back, hands, feet, and other joints.

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From the Vendor: The +PlusCBD Pain Relief Arthritis Cream is formulated for arthritis patients, who represent over 22% of adults in the United States. The product’s ingredients specifically target the joints to relieve arthritis-related pain and discomfort. This targeted cream will not only soothe arthritic and other pain with camphor and menthol but also soften the skin with 750 mg of CBD.

+PlusCBD Pain Relief Arthritis Cream provides temporary relief from minor pain associated with arthritis and similar aching in the back, hands, feet, and other joints. A combination of camphor and menthol cools then warms, providing short-term comfort and relief from joint soreness. This is followed by the soothing and nourishing effects of CBD and other natural emollients for their skin-smoothing benefits.

Menthol: Sourced from the mint plant, menthol cools the skin on contact, offering temporary pain relief.

Camphor: Extracted from the camphor tree, camphor provides a warming effect where applied, making it popular in pain relief topicals.

CBD: A constituent of hemp extract, CBD and hemp’s other nutrients smooth and nourish the skin.

11 reviews for PlusCBD 750mg CBD Pain Relief Arthritis Cream

  1. Susan M.

    I have arthritis, this stuff helps. Easy to use and drys fast. I will buy again, it is pricy though…

  2. Shahpar O.

    It helps me a lot with pain. I am using the cream and the oil. I am very pleased with the result.

  3. Martin K.

    I have chronic arthritis as a result of a long tie illness and have used the Pain Relief Arthritis Cream for several weeks now, morning and night, and it gets me through the work day virtually pain free and allows me to get a decent night’s sleep.

  4. Yvonne N.

    I can’t get to sleep without this cream on my lower back (had spinal fusion surgery 2 years ago!) and on my right ankle (had fusion surgery 6 months ago) it feels so good and I love the smell! I’m a customer for life!

  5. Cindy N.

    I use the 750 mg pain relief arthritis cream. It’s the BEST product I have found. Very good product,,

  6. Maynita D.

    The cooling effects and pain relief make sleeping easier with reduced knee pain.

  7. Terese W.

    This has given me much relief especially in my foot. My doctor told me surgery is my next step , but I think this might keep me from that drastic move.

  8. Dayton U.

    Absolutely the best arthritis pain relief topical cream that my wife has ever used. This arthritis relief cream works fast and gives pain relief quickly. Awesome arthritis pain relief.

  9. Tammy C.

    The 750 mg arthritis cream helped with my grandfather’s osteoarthritis pain in his ankle. He wasn’t a believer in my strange lotion recommendation, but was desperate after shots, boots, doc appts, and no relief. His ankle was painful, swollen, and it impacted his walking. He became a believer after the first use. Still impacts his walking some, but it has really helped with his pain and he insists on always having extra in the house for his daily use. We’ve moved up to the 1000 mg pain relief cream which helps even more.

  10. Valerie C.

    I have been a customer for over 10 years. I love the pain relief crème!! Something that really works. It totally takes the pain in my knees away caused by arthritis.

  11. Victoria L.

    I used this on my husbands shoulder. He was skeptical at first but then admitted that it worked and asked for more before heading to bed for the night.

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