PlusCBD Daily Balance 50mg Full Spectrum CBD Softgels

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From the Vendor: Max Strength was created to meet the growing demand for higher concentrations of CBD derived from CO2 extracted agricultural hemp.

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From the Vendor: Our first advice is ‘start low, go slow.’ But the second part is, ‘don’t be afraid to go high and fly.’ Max Strength was created to meet the growing demand for higher concentrations of CBD derived from CO2 extracted agricultural hemp.

Some people only need low levels of CBD per day. But when tested clinically, CBD is often given in the hundreds of milligrams range. Our Softgel Maximum Strength Capsule is the easiest way to get 50 mg of CBD in a full spectrum hemp extract.

14 reviews for PlusCBD Daily Balance 50mg Full Spectrum CBD Softgels

  1. James K.

    This product is great for reducing my everyday back problems! Thanks for making this awesome product!

  2. Michael A.

    I started taking CV Science CBD Oil in 2017 having A Lot of Anxiety and Stress with taken care of my elderly parents. My Dad with Dementia, and other health issues, Mom with age related health issues. I wish I knew about CV Science CBD Oil earlier, it has help me with the Anxiety and Stress of taken care of my parents at every difficult time in my life. I stared with CBD Oil Drops 15mg for a month change to soft gel caps. It took about a year to get the correct dose for me, as CV Science increased its CBD Oil strengths in soft gel caps I purchased them. This product has help me Very Much, Changed my Life helps with Anxiety and Stress. Take the soft gel caps 50mg twice a day.

  3. Glenn T.

    These +PlusCBD softgels are some of the most effective supplements I have tried in the management of headache/joint pain, reduction of inflammation and lessening of chronic fatigue. I have really trusted in the positive effects of this product especially in the overall reduction of headache pain and general increase in sense of well being. Years ago I started out with the 5mg raw formula, then progressed to the 10mg capsule and eventually tried the 15mg gold formula. Now I am using the 50mg extract twice daily with exceptionally remarkable results. A big Thank You to CV Sciences for making this product available at such reasonable cost. As a Veteran I am very grateful for the Daily Heroes Discount Program, an unexpected benefit which allows me to purchase at great savings. Also the PlusPOINTS Loyalty Program allows making consistent purchases at the lowest possible cost to the consumer. I know of no other company that can match this level of superior quality with such competitive prices. Well done, CV Sciences and PlusCBD!

  4. Kaaren D.

    Better sleep and enhances the meds I take for my arthritis.

  5. Robert A.

    I was skeptical about the dosage but it is more effective than I expected. The price per mg is economical and the quality is trustworthy. Instead of taking three 15mg at bed time I take one of these. I get better sleep on a budget. This really is the best deal.

  6. Deborah K.

    I take the 15mg normally and the 50 I find I need for even more arthritis relief. I’m happy they came out with a stronger capsule for even more relief. Can’t do without CBD if I want a active life in my senior years.

  7. Steve N.

    I take these twice daiky, haven’t had a seizure in a long time. They also help my mood and wellbeing.

  8. Deb

    This product has been a miracle for me. The swelling in my finger joints is very well controlled when I am taking this regularly.

  9. Sylvia W.

    I take 2 50mg at night about an hour before bedtime. My sleep has been greatly improved!

  10. AS

    The 50mg really gets the job done. Best way to relax, without feeling the effects of thc.

  11. Raul J.

    I take 1 or 2 capsules with a nordic natural fish oil capsule, and 1 hemp soft gel every week day. My total cholesterol levels have decreased 30 + points since I’ve started this routine for over a year now. I have a much clearer mindset also.

  12. Laura A.

    I have found it to help my husband with mood and concentration problems due to brain hemorrhage.

  13. CHARLES M.

    i do belive this product is the best thing that has happend to me ever… i have gone thro a lot in the last few years and without my cbd i dont think i would have been able to live.. thank you so much for your great product i am able to getkeep up the good work

  14. amy d.

    I usually take two 50mg capsules a day. I spread them out, I take one in the morning and one around dinner time. I find that this dose and formula (I have used the other formulas as well) helps me the most. I feel more calm, my anxiety is in check and I am more focused. I really LOVE all the Plus CBD products! I have been using them for a couple of years now.

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