PlusCBD Daily Topical 100mg Full Spectrum CBD Balm

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From the Vendor: PlusCBD Balms are a superior way to care for your skin. They contain an array of botanical ingredients, like willow bark and green tea extracts and a world-class hemp extract filled with the phytonutrients you need to soothe and nourish your skin.


From the Vendor: PlusCBD Balms are a superior way to care for your skin. They contain an array of botanical ingredients, like willow bark and green tea extracts and a world-class hemp extract filled with the phytonutrients you need to soothe and nourish your skin.

  • Clean, safe CO2 extracted
  • No pesticides
  • Non-GMO | Gluten-Free
  • No fragrances, dyes, sulfates, phthalates, PEGs, or parabens
  • Made with the finest ingredients
  • Always third-party tested

The cannabinoids produced by the hemp plant interact with the endocannabinoids in our skin to soften, smooth, and beautify. And it’s not only the cannabinoids. Our full spectrum hemp extract also includes the terpenes that help the CBD to work better, the minor cannabinoids that contribute to the entourage effect, and the fatty acids from the plant that our skin can use as building blocks to produce our own endocannabinoids. On top of that, we feature a mighty array of botanical ingredients to support the power of hemp for the skin.

Besides our full spectrum CBD rich hemp extracts, our balms contain these wonderful botanical ingredients.

Sweet Almond Oil – Since ancient times, Hindus have used a paste of crushed almonds as a cleanser of the body. Now one of the most frequently used oils in beauty products, it’s used in formulas designed to reduce fine lines, moisturize the skin, and create a glow. Almond oil is a powerful antioxidant ingredient that functions as an ideal massage oil. It is non-comedogenic (does not block the pores) and is extremely well-tolerated, even for delicate baby skin.

Beeswax – Utilized for skin health since before written history, beeswax has the unique property of causing three different kinds of moisturizing:

  • Humectant – pulling moisture from the air to the skin
  • Emollient – directly moisturizing the skin
  • Occlusive – creating a barrier to seal in moisture (a German study found beeswax superior to other barrier creams)

Glyceryl Stearate – A naturally derived fatty acid found in palm kernels, olives, coconut oil, and the human body, glyceryl stearate is added because it thickens the formula – making it smooth and creamy – while also moisturizing like an emollient.

Willow Bark Extract – Used for centuries to soothe irritated skin, this versatile extract contains salicin [the anti-inflammatory from which salicylic acid is derived (aspirin)], as well as being high in tannins, phenolic acids, flavonoids and various minerals that soothe the skin, aid in cell regeneration and create a more youthful, refreshed complexion.

Glycerin – This simple yet effective compound is so widely used in the beauty industry that it’s called ‘the Ultimate Moisturizing Skin Care Ingredient’. As a humectant, glycerin acts like a sponge that pulls water from the deeper layer of the skin as well as from the air, bringing moisture and soothing to your skin’s outer layer. Especially nonreactive, it’s used for chronic winter dryness as well as in products for those with sensitive skin.

Horsetail Extract – An herbal remedy for centuries, horsetail stands out in the cosmetics world because it is reported to contain more silica and silica acids than any other herb, in a form highly absorbable by the body. This high content of silica helps to maintain the connections of our skin to soothe, tighten, and rejuvenate.

Green Tea Leaf Extract – Made from the leaves and buds of green tea, this extract is a potent antioxidant that moisturizes the skin both as an emollient and a humectant.

Safflower Seed Oil – Acts as a lubricant for the skin and is beneficial fatty acids help diminish signs of aging and the occurrence of dry skin.

23 reviews for PlusCBD Daily Topical 100mg Full Spectrum CBD Balm

  1. Peggy W.

    I have found this to be the best CBD balm out there. Always find relief when I use it. I would’nt change a thing! Very satified!

  2. Judy M.

    I’ve been using this Balm for a while now to take the pain out of my knees. I use it in the morning…and take the roll on with me to put on later when I’m golfing. It’s been a life saver….it’s helped me continue to golf

  3. Sandra G.

    Arthritis in my feet, the balm is amazing at calming any flare ups. Allows my to sleep and just generally be comfortable. A little goes a long way. I have recommended it to several friends and work associates and they use it now as well.

  4. Tim C.

    I’ve been using this product for achilles tendanitis and plantar fascitis, and found it helpful for both. It works great as massage cream for soft tissue injuries, and isn’t too running or oily. It has been especially helpful for inflammation flare-ups.

  5. Andrea W.

    Love it! The CBD Balm has become one of my must haves. It provides a gentle cooling feeling and noticeable relief on my sore hands and stiff neck and shoulders. The consistency is solid, but turns to a soothing salve when applied. No medicinal smell, but effective.

  6. Jan B.

    Easy to use and brings almost instant relief!! It’s helping me tolerate knee pain until I have surgery in six weeks!!

  7. Vickie M.

    I love this balm! My legs cramp during the night so I have been rubbing the balm on before bed & guess what! NO more crapping. I couldn’t be happier.

  8. Paulette Z.

    Love this product for my knees & hips.

  9. Lisa B

    I use this for a knee injury and back pain, my adult daughter uses this for sciatica, my fiancee uses this for knee/shin injuries from martial arts as well as nerve pain. this balm is magic. and i love it doesn’t have a scent. which is great since my fiancee has migrains and scents set him off. This balm starts working in about 2-5 minutes which is very fast. and it doesn’t interfere with our other pain medications so this gets to work topically to bridge the gap while waiting for the oral pain medication to kick in. this is the best cbd balm i have ever used. been using this for a few years now and im very impressed.

  10. Jaime

    I suffer with general aches and pains, Yay for being middle aged with bad knees and feet. This balm makes a day on my feet much more bearable. This isn’t like any other topical balm, It really works.

  11. Jlopez65

    Best cream I have tried for pain, better than Voltaren or Biofreeze.I used it after my hip replacement and my partial knee replacement, It did take the edge away. It relief my bicep tendinitis I had for 6 months.

  12. Isabella

    This balm smells amazing like sweet mint. It is very effective. The texture is nice and smooth easily melting into the skin. I will purchase again.

  13. Irelyn

    I will not go without this balm for my type 1 rosacea and Menopausal skin. Excellent.

  14. Elizabeth R.

    I bought this for my 80 year old Mom with arthritis and she loves how much it helps her hand stiffness and mobility. I used it on my 21 year old daughter’s sciatica and it was a Godsend. She was up and about after 2 massages with this miracle worker. Great potency. smells great and WORKS. Keep some handy for muscle aches after yard work.

  15. Arlene M.

    Just received this balm a few days ago and tried it immediately. So pleased that it began working within minutes. Pain was minimized to being almost gone. Wonderful product that I am reordering tomorrow, and will begin auto ship deliveries, so I never run out. Thank you for providing a topical product that provides genuine pain relief. It is truly a miracle!

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