PlusCBD Oil 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Topical Cooling Roll On

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From the Vendor: Our Extra Strength CBD Roll-on is a powerful, fast-acting solution for the occasional aches and pains associated with exercise recovery and to support skin health.


From the Vendor: Created with our powerful Extra Strength Formula hemp extract, this soothing CBD roll-on also contains the hemp plant’s terpenes, minor cannabinoids, and most importantly, rich fatty acids – all in a moisturizing mix of our favorite botanicals: like jojoba, Aucklandia lappa root, licorice, ox knee, cinnamon, and green tea extract, plus menthol and camphor. It’s the smoothest way to deliver soothing hemp into your skin.

  • Clean, safe CO2 extracted
  • No pesticides
  • Non-GMO | Gluten-Free
  • No fragrances, dyes, sulfates, phthalates, PEGs, or parabens 
  • Made with the finest ingredients
  • With warming camphor and cooling menthol
  • Always third-party tested

Besides our full spectrum CBD rich hemp extracts, our balms contain these wonderful botanicals and ingredients.

Menthol – When applied topically, menthol cools the skin and increases blood flow. 

Aucklandia Lappa Root Extract – Native to India, this root extract has been used since ancient times, and in traditional Chinese medicine, the root is one of the 50 fundamental herbs. Compounds in Aucklandia root act as antioxidants that counteract free radicals that contribute to lines, loose skin, and age spots.  

Achyranthes Bidentata Root Extract – Also known as ox knee, this root extract is widely used in the traditional folk medicines of Asia. Rich in active phytochemicals like saponins, ketosteroids and flavonoids, it helps to soothe the skin.

Cinnamomum Cassia Bark Extract – This nourishing antioxidant comes from cinnamon, ‘the eternal tree of tropical medicine’. Considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine, cinnamon contains an array of vital oils (especially cinnamaldehyde) that help soothe skin. 

Poria Cocos Extract – Used by the most famous cosmetic brands, this extract from a mushroom found on the roots of pine trees possesses both antioxidant and skin-soothing properties. It’s used in anti-wrinkle serums and anti-aging creams because it brings a healthy glow back to skin. 

Licorice Root Extract – Over the years, the extract from licorice has become a widely studied herbal remedy for soothing skin. Recent studies show it’s an antioxidant that promotes skin radiance and may also be an astringent (for removing the dead cells from the outer layer of the skin). In traditional Chinese medicine, it’s one of the most commonly used plants, and a recent survey of Western medical herbalists placed licorice as one of the top 10 most important herbs used in clinical practice.

Glycerin – This simple yet effective compound is so widely used in the beauty industry that it’s called ‘the Ultimate Moisturizing Skin Care Ingredient’. As a humectant, glycerin acts like a sponge that pulls water from the deeper layer of the skin as well as from the air, bringing moisture and soothing to your skin’s outer layer. Especially nonreactive, it’s used for chronic winter dryness as well as in products for those with sensitive skin. 

Jojoba Esters – Although frequently referred to as jojoba oil, it is in fact a wax. When applied to skin, it forms a water-resistant barrier to lock in moisture, helping to moisturize and soften the skin. 

8 reviews for PlusCBD Oil 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Topical Cooling Roll On

  1. Joseph M.

    Your products are helping me through some tough times with pain and sleeplessness. They work excellently and I recommend them to anyone suffering from pain, difficulty in sleeping and other aging issues.

  2. Ron W.

    This product really helped my stiff neck. I work on a computer and my neck gets stiff after a couple of days. This Roland gives me the help I need without having to tight drugs that made me drowsy. Goodbye again.

  3. Bob W.

    I use the roll on for relief from finger and knee joint pain. It works great for that! It’s also is great to relieve pain from an old ankle injury and sore muscle pain relief.
    One thing it doesn’t work well with is bone on bone pain.
    I’m very happy with this product and would highly recommend to anyone with the above pains!!

  4. Diane N.

    It does give some pain relief for my feet. It is not sticky or oily and dries quickly.
    Con… the roll on applicator does not work well. You need to roll it firmly and repeatedly to dispense the liquid.

  5. Lynn C.

    Too hard to get liquid on roller..have to roll so many times to get anything. Actually hate the product.

  6. Linda S.

    My mom uses this at least 4 times a day for her arthritic joints. She will tell you she can’t live without it!

  7. Brenda D.

    I have failed back surgery syndrome and these CBD roll ons are perfect to massage sore or stiff muscles while rolling the medicine on at the same time. No messy getting it on your hands. I greatly benefit using these roll ons to my knees as well. The knees need replaced but going into a covid infected hospital isnt going to happen! These roll ons provide enough relief, that I can go about my day with close to normal results. Roll on is the best way to go in my opinion! It works, and I will continue to buy it!

  8. Randy F.

    I originally bought Plus CBD roll-on (500 MG) for arthritis in my knees and it worked quite well. Recently I suffered a shoulder injury that is very slow to heal. Plus CBD has been the difference between a good night’s sleep and being perpetually tired. Plus CBD is GREAT! It works quickly and lasts quite a while. A good investment!

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