PlusCBD Reserve Collection 25mg CBD + 5mg THC Gummies Dragonfruit

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From the Vendor: Reserve Collection Extra Gummies offer smooth micro-dosing by combining CBD with THC in 5:1 ratio.

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From the Vendor: Reserve Collection Extra Gummies offer smooth micro-dosing by combining CBD with THC in 5:1 ratio. The +PlusCBD Reserve Collection is a specially curated blend of full spectrum cannabinoids that celebrates our very first batch of +PlusCBD oil. Rich and bold, +PlusCBD Reserve Collection Gummies elicit feelings of calm and relief when intense support is needed.

Reserve Collection Extra Gummies contain 5 mg of THC in each gummy – twice the THC than in our original Reserve Collection gummies. That makes Reserve Collection Extra a smart choice for those who want their micro-dose of THC to be a little less micro. Experience less sleeplessness, quicker recovery, deeper relaxation, and a brighter mood with +PlusCBD Reserve Collection Extra Gummies.

These delicious Dragon Fruit gummies are naturally flavored, sweetened with organic cane sugar, and feature a delectable sugar coating.

Reserve Collection Extra Gummies are made with our premium full spectrum hemp extract, expertly extracted using CO2, and manufactured in our cGMP certified facility. Our gummies are third party lab tested to verify safety and consistency, so you can feel comfortable using them every day.

– 25 mg of CBD per gummy
– 5 mg of THC per gummy
– 5:1 CBD/THC Ratio
– Delicious sugar-coated, dragon fruit gummy

17 reviews for PlusCBD Reserve Collection 25mg CBD + 5mg THC Gummies Dragonfruit

  1. Mary N.

    These are really great. Ease into a great night of restful sleep. If I do wake up, I can drift right back to sleep. My husband and I take them every night!

  2. Jim P.

    I take a certain pain reliever for aches and pains ( small milligrams ) some times, and after I added the cbd the sharpness I feel went away. Thanks

  3. Denise L.

    I take one gummie every night before bed. It has worked well to help with sleep. I highly recommend!

  4. Kathleen C.

    These gummies have been a life changer! I take them in the evening and really helps with my sleeping and spasms in my legs. Thank you!!!!!

  5. Jeffrey S.

    After a day of driving in the snow and cold and clearing snow 1 5mg of the reserve was just what I needed to end my day and enjoy my evening. Lasting 2 to 3 hours and had just enough left over to call it a night and go right to sleep.

  6. Jackie S.

    I have been using these for sleep and it is the only thing that helps me get a good night sleep – its a life changers

  7. Kimberly M.

    I LOVE this product. I typically use this at night. These gummies give a nice buzz and don’t leave me feeling groggy the next day. I typically find that my mood is elevated the morning after taking one of these gummies. The dragon fruit flavor is delicious.

  8. Ruthie R.

    I have 3 kids and usually have a hard time winding down for sleep in the evenings. I started taking the drops and just recently switched to these sleep gummies. They are a game changer! I take about 3/4 of a gummy 30 minutes before I’m going to lay down and I never struggle to sleep anymore.

  9. Jason C.

    Have been using for about 15 days. Sleep is much improved and easy feelings/relaxation comes about 30 mins after taking and lasts for about 2 – 3 hours. Better than hoped for, and results are as advertised

  10. Christina H.

    When living with serious medical issues, life can get a little crabby. Laughter and optimism often fade first. Cannabis remarkably re-infuses those feelings back into life, at least for me and I can remember the humor in everything…..the thing is, smoking is so harmful to lungs, so alternatives such as these gummy’s and oils are wonderful! I am delighted that +PlusCBD has this Reserve Collection. It’s outstanding in how it allows me to feel. The biggest thing I’d ask is that an additional sugar free line, that’s as effective as these current ones in the reserve collection (cbd/thc) is made available soon. Sugar is akin to throwing gas on a fire when it comes to cancer, it literally feeds it for growth

  11. Kelley M.

    Helps me with chronic pain and allows me to focus on my work . Also with less pain I can be much more relaxed and creative with my music and artistic pursuits. Quite happy to find relief without impairment. I plan to be a regular consumer of this product.

  12. Katie P.

    Great taste, perfect balance of cannabinoids (5:1 ratio) and a great microdose. Helps with muscle relaxation, getting to sleep, and takes the edge off menstrual cramps.

  13. Jennifer W.

    I use these for sleep and so far have been consistent in getting myself to sleep and staying asleep throughout the night

  14. Kelly

    These gummies pack a powerful punch but you have to patiently wait for the effects to kick in. I take it about an hour before bed and definitely when I don’t have any responsibilities. They are my last calming resort for panic attacks and they do the trick!

  15. Gary O.

    This product is the Best one that has helped my problems I totally recommend it for everyone !!

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