Populum 100mg Full Spectrum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

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From the Vendor: Experience a hemp infused, arctic cold cooling CBD topical cream that helps to soothe and relieve your muscles and joints. Made with 100% US grown hemp, and other quality ingredients.

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From the Vendor: Experience a hemp infused, arctic cold cooling CBD topical cream that helps to soothe and relieve your muscles and joints. Made with 100% US grown hemp, and other quality ingredients. Easily carry Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub in your bag and use it wherever you are. Don’t stress about greasy residue. Enjoy a cooling relief everywhere you go.

Soothe your muscles and joints with an all-natural hemp CBD oil topical that penetrates quickly, can be applied easily, and leaves your skin refreshed.

What’s In It?

Full-spectrum hemp extract
Contains multiple cannabinoids & terpenes. In addition to cannabidiol (CBD), there are many other cannabinoids and terpenes that are naturally derived from hemp plants.

An age-old traditional herb, chamomile has been used for tea, topicals, and beyond since the Middle Ages and is known for its terpenoids and flavonoids.

Known for its anti-bruising and antimicrobial properties, arnica has been widely used for various irritations and injuries.

Aloe Vera
Providing a cooling relief, aloe vera quickly absorbs into the skin and is known for its moisturizing and healing benefits.

28 reviews for Populum 100mg Full Spectrum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

  1. Sharon D

    I have tried a lot of different products to relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain/aches. By far this works better than anything else. So comforting to know it is available!!!!!

  2. Virginia N

    I’ve been using it for over 2 years for arthritis in my knee. It has helped me tremendously and is the only rub I use. I have recommended it to many people who use it as well.

  3. Jax P

    I was a bit skeptical of this one given its “low” CBD mg count, but wow it was really, really effective. Smells really good and feels so nice going on. You really get that feel of it penetrating into the pain and effectively dealing with it.

  4. Rhonda L

    It feels instantly cold going on and eases my sore muscles like nothing else. I’ve been using it for a few years and subscribe to it. I’ve tried almost every over the counter product and nothing else compares. It just works!

    • admin

      Great review Rhonda. We couldn’t agree more. This is one of the Top 3 CBD Topicals we’ve ever tried – and probably the absolute best when considering price.

  5. Josie P

    I love this rub! Feels so cool and calming going on and then really does a much better job than I expected in providing relief. Highly recommended!!!

  6. Elizabeth A

    This product is a life saver. I have trouble with my hands due to carpal tunnel and at times my wrist and hand can be really painful. I use about a quarter size drop of this rub and within minutes my hand feels so much better! When you apply it, it feels cold and soothing. The ingredients in this rub are amazing and actually work!

  7. Genius G.

    I’ve paid alot more for CBD Topicals that weren’t as good as this one. The low amount of CBD listed in its title made me unsure at first but after trying it, I’m completely satisfied. Works perfectly for a quick relief feeling if I get sore at the gym.

  8. Aryeh S

    It is a most amazing rub CBD and warmth of the kind I would look for the comfort I need

  9. Noah W

    Really worked well and fast on my sore shoulder after working out. Excellent value too. I hadn’t heard of this company until I found this site but I’m glad I did.

  10. Eliquin

    Even though this one seems like it would be less effective than ones that are 250mg or 500mg, only one other product from Terra Vita has worked as well as this one. Nice scent and a wonderful cooling sensation that makes me feel so much better – so fast!

  11. Janet M

    This rub is helpful to use if you have arthritis or any injury of a joint.

  12. Jax W

    This is my go-to solution whenever I have neck or back pains. Waking up in the morning with a stiff neck, there’s nothing like a dab of this to make me feel soooo much better. The fact that’s it’s much cheaper than many of the other brands is just the icing on the cake for me.

  13. Steven A.

    This is the subtlest CBD rub I’ve tried. The entire time you’re putting it on, you’re thinking it’s not doing much and then suddenly you realize the pain is gone and you’re like, “Wow! That’s magic!” I always have it in my gym bag.

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