PurKratom Gold Vein Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: The name Gold Borneo Powder is in reference to the bright, golden brown veins of this kratom leaf which occur as a natural result of our unique extraction.


From the Vendor: Our gold vein kratom powder is from the brilliant golden veins of the kratom leaf, which occur as a result of our unique extraction and drying process. This process of maturing the best kratom leaves gives it a bright golden brown hue that allows for the alkaloids to mature and retain all their potency. As a result, this amazing gold kratom strain is one of the most balanced kratom strains available.

Gold vein kratom powder is impeccable for people looking for a kratom product with balance. Sometimes all that glitters really is gold! Purkratom offers the best, purest, organic gold best kratom powder available. It never contains any sugar or additives, is third-party tested, is traceable on its journey from kratom seed to package, and goes through a streamlined and precise process providing optimal quality, consistency, and potency.

Our gold vein kratom powder has roots traced to Borneo, which is Asia’s largest island. Purkratom, as with any manufacturer, has its own secret formulation for manufacturing our gold vein Borneo kratom powder for sale. The magnificent golden hues are created and generated because of the kratom leaves drying and fermenting process. The saturation of the golden color symbolizes the gold vein kratom powder quality, purity, and luxury.

PurKratom’s gold vein kratom powder for sale is a crowned treasure that is coveted. Many kratom enthusiasts argue that gold vein kratom powder is undoubtedly the best kratom powder strain available. At PurKratom, you can uncover third-party lab-tested, pure, organic kratom powder created for the customer that demands premium gold vein kratom powder.

8 reviews for PurKratom Gold Vein Kratom Powder

  1. Alicia R.

    I personally like the Gold strain, it relived stress and kept me motivated. I will definitely reorder this one soon and Thanks for speedy delivery too.

  2. Janarva W.

    I love this particular strain because it gets me going first thing in the morning. It’s a nice wake me up. Helps my mood. Gets my day started very nicely.

  3. Renay E.

    Just tried this color and I love it. It tends to make me less anxious.

  4. Marijim R.

    A very calming experience. Just right.

  5. Marijim R.

    We love this mellow blend. Very calming without making us sleepy.

  6. Daniel

    Top-tier product. Mellow but effective. I take about 4-5 grams per day for mood. Unlike with other strains and varieties I’ve used, this one does not cause jitters (over-stimulation) or cause me to feel exhausted after the effects wear off. I’ve been using PurKratom products for a while now (a few years it must be at this point) and I’ve never experienced anything but the best service and quality. The product always arrives exactly as and *when* expected. Great company! Thank you!

  7. Jaime S.

    Keeps me alert and focused throughout the day. And it tastes great and smoothies

  8. Sherri S.

    This strain is everything I wanted and more. It is long lasting and a great pick me up anytime. It is a great motivator and made me feel great overall.

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