Super Speciosa Extra Strength Kratom Gummies Blueberry

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From the Vendor: Add a boost of berry to your routine with our delicious blueberry extra strength kratom gummies🫐 Each gummy contains 35mg of Mitragynine (kratom’s most important component).

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From the Vendor: Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all the benefits of kratom in a convenient, tasty gummy? Oh wait, you can! Add a boost of berry to your routine with our delicious blueberry extra strength kratom gummies🫐

Each gummy contains 35mg of Mitragynine (kratom’s most important component).

14 reviews for Super Speciosa Extra Strength Kratom Gummies Blueberry

  1. Jesus S.

    Excellent product with amazing affects. Great value for the price and superior quality. Have purchased repeatedly.

  2. William J.

    Good stuff, flavor is perfect. Love this product

  3. Margarita P.

    The blueberry gummies are very good. I started with taking 1 a day and I am taking 2 a day now. It’s very effective and the flavor is good. I’m looking forward to trying some new flavors.

  4. Bonnie S.

    These blueberry flavored gummies are hands down, the BEST energy booster I’ve ever tried. Better than coffee or any energy drink out there. In addition, it’s a lasting boost of energy and you won’t crash after a couple of hours like with carbs and sugar. I would highly recommend these for anyone using any Kratom products. Great instead of or in addition to your favorite Kratom routine!!

  5. Ian H.

    I wish they were a little less expensive but these are perfect for me. I need the strength

  6. JE R.

    It tasted good and definitely stronger than the usual gummy we order.

  7. Melissa A.

    These gummies are a total game changer. Love the taste and affect. A+!!!!

  8. Jason J.

    I loved them! Very powerful and convenient. They taste great too. They are one of the more expensive ways of enjoying kratom so I would recommend that you buy this and get some in powder form too. Otherwise they will disappear quickly.

  9. Anonymous

    Great product!! Convenient and easy to bring anywhere. Works great and lasts longer than powder.

  10. Anonymous

    Love them so much. Taste is great. Super easy and discreet. Have one every morning around 9 or 10 after coffee and feel like conquering the day!

  11. Amanda L.

    It tasted amazing! I have tried several gummies and no matter what kind they all make me tired. These in the other hand did the trick and I am ready to rip. Great for a busy day.

  12. Charles R.

    I bought the blueberry Extra Strength gummies, and I rather like them. To be sure, they don’t hit as quickly or as intensely as kratom powder, but I actually like the somewhat bittersweet taste, and they give me a foundation which I can fine tune with hits of powder as needed. I will never give up powder, but the gummies are a new way to enjoy kratom.

  13. Nickijo E.

    These gummies work Wonderfully & I Love them! Thanks Super Speciosa for yet again, another Amazing Product! Hands Down, my Favorite Gummy but I wouldn’t mind the price dropping a little.

  14. Brooklyn

    Wow! Definitely packs an amazing punch, my tongue actually went kind of numb! Ha! But, very clean, smooth taste and rise in my overall energy. Zero jitters, just very keen ability to focus and an amazingly intense boost of energy that had a quick and rapid delivery time. I now actually regret not purchasing 2 containers instead of one. This is definitely my new ‘Go to’ when in need of a quick, smooth, yet intense, boost of energy, stamina and and sharpened ability to focus. Kudos to you Super Speciosa on another great product! I don’t know how you continue to top yourselves, yet here it is! Blueberry Extra Strength definitely stimulates the senses! As always, you out class every other brand of leaf product I’ve tried. Thank you for providing trustworthy, clean, pure & quality leaf products.

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