Super Speciosa Extra Strength Kratom Gummies Strawberry

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From the Vendor: Your favorite kratom, now with a strawberry twist! Enjoy a seamless blend of potency and convenience in a bite-sized berry kratom gummy.

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From the Vendor: Check out our Strawberry Extra Strength Kratom Gummies, a delightful fusion of taste and potency tailored for kratom aficionados. Each gummy delivers an impressive 35mg of mitragynine, mirroring the strength of 2.33 grams of kratom powder at a 1.5% mitragynine concentration. Enjoy a vibrant boost in energy, focus, and mental clarity, all wrapped up in a luscious strawberry flavor that perfectly counters kratom’s natural bitterness. Crafted from premium kratom extract, these kratom extract gummies offer a potent and portable kratom experience for those on the move!

4 reviews for Super Speciosa Extra Strength Kratom Gummies Strawberry

  1. Matthew C.

    Basically pretty good! They certainly work, and are blissful. I’ve noticed that the chocolate bars some companies have seem to be more powerful because they have some kind of fat, like cocoa butter, which might facilitate the Mitragynine better (fat soluable) If the formula in the gummies had some kind of fat in it it might be even better. Just a suggestion.

  2. Barbara B.

    Nice. Relax, unwind without feeling paranoid.

  3. Patti W.

    I love the fact that just one gummy gets me through the day or night. I like the taste. They are a little bit more expensive but totally worth it

  4. Nabil B.

    Great tasting without the crazy bitterness that other brands have.

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