Super Speciosa Green Malay Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: From helping establish a sense of calmness to enhancing your focus to helping you power through the work day, Green Malay provides a range of benefits that will help you improve many areas of your wellbeing.


From the Vendor: From helping establish a sense of calmness to enhancing your focus to helping you power through the work day, Green Malay provides a range of benefits that will help you improve many areas of your wellbeing.

Available in 20g, 100g, 250g, 1kg and 5kg sizes.

20 reviews for Super Speciosa Green Malay Kratom Powder

  1. Ryan C.

    Green Malay was excellent. The burn from this one left me feeling calm and warm with a little bit of motivating energy.

  2. Anonymous

    Green Malay is a very good strain from Super Speciosa! I use this strain basically as a pre workout for me. It provides the perfect level of energy and focus for me to power through my morning workouts! I would definitely recommend this strain for anyone that is looking for a very clean energy and focus feeling! Super Speciosa delivers on this strain!

  3. Jason

    This would be my very first purchase from Super Speciosa and I always like to write reviews because they help me when trying to purchase items… To gage what other people think and their reactions. I do know the effects differ from people to people because so many factors go into it like body type and size, tolerance, what food contents, if any, in the stomach, how much you take and so on. I really like how this one did, how the effects were. It is a great pick up when you feel sluggish. A little bit of this goes a long way. I like to throw it into tea and add lemon juice… I have found that citrus like lemon or grapefruit helps the alkaloids in Kratom and it just taste better lol. My tea is unsweetened so I’m already used to the bitter taste lol however, not near as bitter as Kratoms little brother Akuamma which effects is like a low dose of red vain Kratom. Now that powder is torturously bitter!! Maybe Super Speciosa can and those capsules to their botanical lineup lol.

    Anyways, this Green Malay is very good for energy, feeling more like you can tackle whatever the day throws at you. Great morning routine or an hour before workouts… I will be looking for more of this in the future. Thank you Super Speciosa for not only being a great company but a company that educates and is very transparent!!! �

  4. Rebecca H.

    Does exactly what it claims. Perfect for the extra boost.

  5. Joseph B.

    Great stuff! I can take less than I take of other brands and there’s no weird vibes, and no bad effects later on. Customer service is great too. Just terrific!

  6. Anonymous

    This green Malay did just what i expected from this strain. Gave me an afternoon lift and focus. I also take it if I’m going to have a particularly active day, keeps me going!

  7. Alan

    The green malay 100g is one of my favorites from super speciosa and I have been enjoying it greatly, along with the Green Bali. Super Speciosa never lets me down. Definitely, one of my top favorite brands. Also, Super speciosa deals are texted to me regularly and I appreciate that very much.

  8. Angie R.

    I’m really happy with the Green Malay Keatom Powder I bought . Not only for the value but also the quality ! I’m new to Super Speciosa and will now be a returning customer! Thanks for providing Quality Kraton guys!!!

  9. bobbi j.

    provides a nice calming but energetic feeling for me, good quality and affordable, I like not worrying because I know this is a trusted product that is tested for purity and safety

  10. Zoe Z.

    There no other place where you can get quality Kratom and always old school customers service

  11. Damon L.

    It’s has a good feel to it. Honestly I blended it with premium Bali and the green meng da. I really like the green trio.

  12. Bonden L.

    As good or better than any other Green Malay I’ve tried

  13. Laurie

    I have been so happy with Super Speciosa for several years. They have great prices, the quality of kratom is consistently good, and the website has lots of information about their products to answer questions you might have. Highly recommend Super Speciosa!

  14. Brian B.

    Fresh, clean, smooth……Top 3 Green Malays I’ve ever experienced, and I have 38 years of experience with “Krom”, being raised in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Customer service is spectacular, remedied a postal service issue within a few minutes…..thank you SO much. Customer for life!

  15. Aaron Z.

    This company has really made a comeback in the past couple years. The quality is impeccable,They are always in stock with my favorite strains, you really can’t beat the price and customer service is on point . Super stoked about Super Speciosa.

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