Super Speciosa Red Bali Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: Unwind with Red Bali. Sit back, relax, and recover from the day.


From the Vendor: Unwind with Red Bali. Sit back, relax, and recover from the day.

AKA GMP Qualified Vendor for strict quality standards. Convenient QR code to view lab certificates. Tested for contaminants, heavy metals and adulterants. 100% natural, zero additives or fillers, just the leaf.

Available in 20g, 100g, 250g, 1kg and 5kg sizes.

16 reviews for Super Speciosa Red Bali Kratom Powder

  1. Lisa L.

    Excellent, the best product on the market.

  2. Lindsay G.

    I have been ordering Kratom powder from super Speciosa for years!!! Best Kratom on the market and I have tried many brands! As long as they are in business I will continue to order from here! Also send great deals if you sign up for rewards! Definitely recommend!!!

  3. Casey P.

    By far the finest quality great and most consistent I always know what I’m going to get when I get my package it never changes which is very nice I’ve had to deal with other vendors

  4. Eli Y.

    It was amazing, this is the best kratom I’ve ever had and I’ve been a avid kratom user for years

  5. Tim D.

    I recently switched from another online seller of kratom products and thank goodness I did- the quality of the product is so much more superior but even better is the transparency of all the pertinent information of each product- thanks for setting the standard

  6. Steve C.

    I honestly never thought Kratom would actually work the way people said it did. Guess what, it works as people said it does, I had to try it, to believe it.

  7. Jon F.

    Red Bali is one if a few powders that work for me. It is effective for a good clean experience and provides the desired effects that Super Speciosa offers in its description.

  8. Randy L.

    This particular batch way above average. I have never recieved inferior kratom from Super Speciosa and sometimes I get above average quality kratom which was the case this time.

  9. Guy K.

    This is my absolute favorite of all of the basic strains. It’s strong but it hits just right with blissful focus.

  10. Blake S.

    Supers Kratom is alaways on point👍 I’ve only found one other brand that comes close 🤔

  11. Linda Y.

    This seems to have a very strong taste. First time buyer. I like the results.

  12. Christopher D.

    My buddy turned me on to kratom. A month later I’m in some of the best shape of my life and stopped drinking. Two big swigs of kratom and coffee before the gym and I’m ready for a good few hours in the gym. Thanks kratom

    • admin (store manager)

      Always happy to see another gym rat discover the benefits of Kratom over those pre-workout powders that are full of heart-stimulating add-ons. Next time, substitute the Red Bali for a Combo of Green MD and White MD. You’ll thank us! 🙂

  13. Blaze M.

    Amazing as always, their kratom competes with the top companies that charge 2-3x that these guys do.

  14. Cam K.

    This is P-R-E-M-I-U-M Red Bali!!! If you’ve been disappointed by the quality and potency of other brands, you should try this. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

  15. KVR Contributor

    I consider myself to be somewhat of a Red Bali “snob”. It was the first strain I was exposed to when my Kratom journey began, and it’s still what I think of as the quintessential example of what Kratom is and can be. I absolutely despise Kratom “dirt”; that’s Kratom that isn’t fresh and has degraded to a state of being clogging and heavy like backyard dirt. About 70% of the Kratom I’ve seen feels like that. Wow. Not Super Speciosa though. It felt so smooth and silky it was like touching something expensive (which it’s not) and exclusive (which it’s not either). I love Red Bali and I love what it can provide. This brand shoots to the Top 2 or 3 in my list and will probably eventually become number one since right now it’s more about they loyalty of another brand than the fact that it’s actually better.

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