Super Speciosa Red Gem Enhanced Kratom Capsules

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From the Vendor: Experience tranquility with Red Gem, our powerful blend of Red Vein kratom and kratom extract powder.


From the Vendor: Introducing Red Gem Enhanced Kratom Capsules, the epitome of relaxation and relief in our BOLD product line. Crafted for seasoned kratom enthusiasts, each capsule is a powerhouse of potency, blending premium Red Vein kratom powder with concentrated extract for a deeply satisfying experience.

With approximately 10% total alkaloids, including 6-7% mitragynine content per capsule, Red Gem offers a level of strength unparalleled in traditional kratom powders. Whether unwinding after a long day or seeking relief from discomfort, Red Gem delivers lasting comfort with its unique blend of kratom varieties.

Each pack contains 10 capsules, offering convenient servings for your relaxation needs. With Red Gem, experience a potent kratom experience like never before – where strength meets serenity.

3 reviews for Super Speciosa Red Gem Enhanced Kratom Capsules

  1. Peter R.

    I love these! Great for relaxation after a 13 hr day at work…only a single capsule works wonders!

  2. Rob R.

    Very relaxing taken at night while watching tv before bed.

  3. Shad H.

    This product is the perfect recipe for rest and relaxation!

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