Super Speciosa SlingShot Liquid Kratom Extract

From the Vendor: Go ballistic with SlingShot, our strongest kratom extract shot ever.


From the Vendor: Arm yourself with our bombastic new full-spectrum kratom extract product – SlingShot. We’ve expertly crafted this to serve our most experienced kratom lovers & connoisseurs. 60 mg of mitragynine per serving is easily the most potent kratom extract shot we have ever made.

The liquid kratom form makes it easy to adjust your serving for the effects you want. A smaller serving size can give an energetic burst while a full serving of half the bottle can induce deep calm.

Experience the superior potency, purity, and quality of Super Speciosa’s latest kratom innovation. SlingShot promises to exceed your expectations and set an unparalleled bar in the kratom market.


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