Super Speciosa Special Release Ruby Release Kratom Powder

From the Vendor: Dive into your dreamiest nights yet💤 Crafted for calm, this decadent batch cocoons you in tranquility, releasing tension, and fast-tracking your journey to dreamland. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day!

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From the Vendor: Steeped in the rays of the sun, Ruby Release is no ordinary red vein kratom. Crafted from 100% outdoor sun-dried kratom leaf, its unique full-spectrum alkaloid profile cultivates restful, revitalizing sleep. Ruby Release gently unwinds tension, bathing your mind and body in soothing relaxation. A distinguished addition to your rotation, experience the profound serenity that Ruby Release brings.

This batch boasts of being exclusively 100% outdoor-dried kratom. The kratom leaves are plucked and left to bask in the glorious sun, creating a stunning deep, dark shade of kratom powder that most of you know as “red vein strains”. It’s like a sun-kissed, tropical vacation for your favorite botanical buddy!

However, sun-dried kratom is not always a glorious sight. When kratom is left to dry outside, it’s at the mercy of all sorts of pesky things like livestock and their bacteria. This makes quality, sun-dried kratom extremely hard to source and pass our strict quality standards.

Who knew that sourcing quality kratom could be such a wild ride? That’s why we’ve made it our mission to only source the very best, top-notch, sun-dried kratom that passes our rigorous quality checks. Because let’s face it, nobody has time for subpar kratom.

All the kratom that comes through our production facility goes through a full panel of microbial testing and heavy metals testing at a third-party lab to ensure complete safety for our customers. Any batch that does not meet food-grade standards is trashed and never sold.

After what felt like an endless treasure hunt for the real deal, our team had finally struck gold. We’ve managed to track down a premium red-vein powder that we’ve aptly named Ruby Release. Our obsessive dedication to quality didn’t let us rest until after this batch passed our strict testing with flying colors. Safe to say, this isn’t just any ordinary red-vein powder.

Most red vein strains on the market are a blend of red and green kratom. The only other pure red strain we have released was “Super Red”, which sold out shortly after launch. This makes Ruby Release the current one and only pure red strain in our product line. It’s not your average release–once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. So, don’t miss your chance to snag this diamond… or should we say “ruby” in the rough? Trust us, your kratom collection will thank you!


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