Super Speciosa Special Release: Titan Kratom Powder

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From the Vendor: Unlock your Inner Titan! đź”± Conquer and dominate your woes with boundless energy, strength, and focus.


From the Vendor: All hail Titan! Another god-like batch born into our kratom cosmos, Titan is the new king of specialty kratom powder batches. Conquer every challenge that comes your way and defeat all your woes. With 1.79% mitragynine content, Titan undoubtedly carries mythical strength.

As legendary as the Ancient Greeks, Titan towers over your average kratom, with ample mitragynine so that mankind can experience more mood-boosting benefits. Anticipate a burst of energy, optimism, and a can-do attitude with Titan’s balanced body and mind effects.

What is Titan?
Titan is our latest green vein specialty kratom batch, with 1.79% MIT content. It’s available in kratom powder only, with no additives, fillers, synthetics, or preservatives.

What Makes Titan Different Than Other Kratom Products?
With an astounding 1.79% mitragynine content, Titan is stronger than our regular kratom strains. In comparison, most of our Maeng Da strains range between 1.3-1.5% while Signature Reserve averages at 1.5-6%. This is what makes TItan so unique and powerful.

What Does Titan Feel Like?
Enhance your focus and concentration with mighty mitragynine levels and pure green vein powder. Expect to feel a major boost in energy levels lasting throughout the day. Titan can also help you power through workouts or sustain long work days, as it can help relieve everyday discomfort. Smaller servings are more energizing, while larger servings help you relax.

2 reviews for Super Speciosa Special Release: Titan Kratom Powder

  1. April L.

    Great product, lasts longer and am able to use less than other strains bc it’s stronger. 10/10 would like to purchase again.

  2. Sharon S.

    No dynamite but it brings its own deep inner boost of chill, uplifting energy flow. Definitely my pick of the current offerings

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