Super Speciosa Special Release Total Mood Kratom Powder

From the Vendor: Your feel-good oasis is just a teaspoon away🌞 With the calming benefits of Paynantheine, Total Mood embodies the warmth of summer, delivering a soothing sensation that washes over both body and mind, promoting pure tranquility.

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From the Vendor: Making up 22% of it’s total alkaloids, Total Mood boasts an impressive Paynantheine presence (10% above our database average!). This powerfully soothing alkaloid, accompanied by soothing Speciogynine and Speciociliatine, creates a harmonious trifecta of serenity that envelops the body and mind, providing a comprehensive sense of relaxation and well-being. Treat yourself to this limited release for a truly unparalleled experience.


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