Super Speciosa Super Feels Chill Vibes Kava & Kratom Shot

From the Vendor: Dive deep into relaxation with kratom and kava extract, fused perfectly in one shot.


From the Vendor: Introducing Super Feels Chill Vibes, where the ancient wisdom of kratom meets the soothing embrace of kava. In our pursuit of the ultimate relaxation elixir, we’ve harnessed the power of two of nature’s most revered botanicals. Kratom, long celebrated for its myriad wellness benefits, pairs harmoniously with kava, known for its calming properties that melt stress and promote relief. Together, they create a synergy that delivers unparalleled tranquility.

Our perfectly portioned kava & kratom shot contains 35mg of potent kratom extract combined with 25mg of kava extract per serving, ensuring that you’re receiving the ideal balance for optimal relaxation.


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