Super Speciosa White Thai Kratom Powder

(15 customer reviews)

From the Vendor: With White Thai in your morning arsenal, get ready to kick start your day with motivation, focus, and energy.


From the Vendor: With White Thai in your morning arsenal, get ready to kick start your day with motivation, focus, and energy.

Available in 20g, 100g, 250g, 1kg and 5kg sizes.

15 reviews for Super Speciosa White Thai Kratom Powder

  1. Melisa B.

    Such a good strain of white.

  2. Susan

    Tried white Thai as discount offer for rotation change and was surprised with nice energy charge despite low mit #. Texture was a bit grainy, but overall good leaf to depend on. Got me thru.

  3. KVR Contributor

    I consider myself to be somewhat of a “White Thai Snob”. It’s my absolute favorite strain and – imho – much more potent and smooth than WMD. I’ve tried White Thai from at least a dozen companies and nobody touches the quality of SS. Always smooth and silky. Always consistent. Always a lift up and a mood improved. Shop around if you want, but you’ll always come back to this brand.

  4. Jason L.

    I love this product. Super Speciosa has thee best kratom I have ever used.

  5. MaryAnn D.

    This kratom strain is great for pain, mental alertness & a calming effect. I use daily for fibromyalgia and anxiety from pain. It never disappoints.

  6. Heather S.

    The quality is very good. I can tell a difference from other companies that I have tried.

  7. Anonymous

    My favorite so far, helps with focus and motivation. Definitely recommend!

  8. Tim D.

    When that late morning falloff in energy starts- this beats a 5 hour energy hands down

  9. Christopher H.

    My experience was great n I loved how it made me keep my focus on what am doing in

  10. Nathan D.

    I really like the White Thai as the latest strain I’ve tried. It gave me great focus and energy and even a meditative heightened sense of pleasure and well-being. This may be one of my new favorites alongside the Signature Reserve.

  11. Isaac W.

    My overall experience with your white thai kratom, is very good. Your white thai was even better than most white maeng da that I’ve taken outside of super speciosa. I will most definitely purchase again! I apologize it’s taken so long to get back to you

  12. Christi B.

    First time take this , I normally use Green MD. I use in the morning and it jump starts my day and helps me get motivated and stay focused. One use 1/2 tsp in the am. And more than that tends to give me a headache for some reason .

  13. Erica S.

    had concerns about ordering on line from a company I didn’t have experience with. I took the time to read through the reviews and based on them I placed my first order. There was an error with the shipping address and I reached out to Eric(customer service) he responded quickly through out the next few days and he straightened it out and I got my package with in a few days. Then A few days later I received another package.(which I sent back) then I realized that he fixed my oops and sent me out another package b4 he got the initial package back via return to sender! Since 2020 customer service sucks and doing business with this company and Eric restored my faith in humanity 😁 It’s not about making errors but how you fix them reflects your integrity and intentions.

  14. Rodger B.

    I love it! I’ve been taking this for 7yrs and of all I have tried, this is absolutely the best quality I’ve found!

  15. Jenilee C.

    My favorite strain! It gives me such good energy without negative side effects. I feel great whenever I use this strain.

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