The Hemp Doctor 250mg Delta 9 THC Gummies (6 Flavors Available)

(9 customer reviews)

From the Vendor: Chocolate lovers beware. Our bite size chocolate minis are blended with rich milk chocolate, 30mg of our Premium Delta 9 THC, and CBD. These melt in your mouth minis are great for any time of day.


From the Vendor: Our D9 Gummies are 25mg each with 10 pieces per bag! Infused with our Premium Delta 9 THC, and bursting with flavor, these goodies are sure to take you where you want to go…Up, Up, and away!!!

Serving size: 1/2 gummy
Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Green Apple, Pineapple, and Watermelon

9 reviews for The Hemp Doctor 250mg Delta 9 THC Gummies (6 Flavors Available)

  1. Mr. Nice

    It seems each new product i try frim THD is as good as the last. This was no different. I tried the grape gummies. They had a nice deep grape flavor, almost like a burgundy. They were chewy, of a generous size, and effective meds. I took one of these before going to an artists reception. I’m generally anxious in groups, but this helped me enjoy myself very much. Thank you Hemp Doctor!

  2. Avery

    I got the grape gummies and they were amazing, I wanted to keep eating them and well I did… lol

  3. Falegh A

    These are my absolute favorite! They really help me fall asleep & help with pain so I stay asleep! I usually take 1/2 but sometimes eat the entire gummy when I need to. Didn’t care for the pineapple flavor but do enjoy the cherry! Best gummy ever!

  4. Kyle R

    The BEST Delta 9 gummies on the market hands down. Most brands only put 10mg and honestly, tolerance means they won’t last you if that; but this company is the first I’ve found that puts thus much in one gummy so I actually felt it! I’m beyond pleased with all the products I’ve tried so far and it’s one of my top two favorite companies for these products. Def try these and you won’t be disappointed!

  5. kraze7997

    Tried the watermelon ones, worked wonders. After consuming one it took about an hour to kick in and lasted a long time

  6. Annie F

    Been using CBD for a long time, I am newer to edibles and Delta 8-9 and have only tried one competitor’s brand of delta 9 gummy (which felt a bit off and tasted awful). My close friend told me to try THD and the gummies taste like real candy – yummy- and did the trick. Relaxing, nice, went to bed when I wanted to. Highly recommend. Pun intended.

  7. Hayden K

    These have become my go-to edible. I tried the green apple flavor, and they were awesome. Next time I will try pineapple! If you are newer to delta 9 these are perfect. Overall, amazing edibles!

  8. Lynn

    I like these a lot! Half does me good. Like taking at night but great for anxiety in the day. Grape tastes amazing!! Will be buying more.

  9. Holly G

    Best gummy I’ve found so far. Great feeling on just a half. Will be putting in another order very soon. Love!

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