TribeTokes TribeREVIVE Delta 8 THC Pain Relief Cream

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From the Vendor: Introducing a THC version of our customer favorite TribeREVIVE CBD Pain Relief Cream! We guarantee you will achieve fast and effective relief with our THC cream for pain – or your money back.


From the Vendor: Introducing a THC version of our customer favorite TribeREVIVE CBD Pain Relief Cream! We guarantee you will achieve fast and effective relief with our THC cream for pain – or your money back.

Why topicals? If you suffer from chronic pain, taking painkillers too often can cause issues with your kidneys or other harmful side effects. Cannabis pain relief creams are a safe and powerful anti-inflammatory, and have antibacterial properties as well.

Why TribeREVIVE? Our Delta 8 THC topical pain cream formulation has been described by chronic pain patients as “life changing,” allowing them to skip the pharmaceutical aisle to find daily relief. Use for back and shoulder pain, arthritis, strains, bruises, tension, nerve pain or carpal tunnel.

This formulation contains:

Nature’s strongest anti-inflammatories (Cannabinoids, Arnica, Wild Marjoram, Jojoba and Aloe)
3 different cooling agents (Menthol, Peppermint and Wintergreen)
Nourishing Coconut and Eucalytpus for soft, supple skin without being greasy

Ingredients: Green + White Tea Leaf Extract, MCT Coconut Oil, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Safflower Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Menthol, Vegetable Glycerin, Jojoba Seed Oil, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Vitamin E, Phenoxyethanol, Delta 8 THC distillate, Peppermint Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil , Wintergreen Leaf Oil, Wild Marjoram Essential Oil, Helichrysum Essential Oil, Arnica

3 reviews for TribeTokes TribeREVIVE Delta 8 THC Pain Relief Cream

  1. Tracy S.

    A friend let me borrow some of theirs when my Lower Back pain started kicking up again. It’s not a complete relief source, but nothing ever has been. 95% relief plus feeling like the quality of my day is better is well worth it to me.

  2. KVR Contributor

    I’ll begin this by saying that I’ve tried A LOT of CBD Creams. Full Spectrum. Broad Spectrum. Creams with Lidocaine. Creams with just about anything you can think of that has been traditionally thought of us a natural element to a Cream or Salve. So, going into the process of sampling this Delta 8 Pain Relief Cream from TribeTokes, I expected it to be – within a reasonable amount better or worse – pretty much like every other cream I’d already tried. Sound jaded? Perhaps..but transparency is better than making it up to satisfy someone else’s perspectives. So, after waiting until the proper event or pain to try it, I finally did when my old Sciatica Nerve pain made its once-every-few-months appearance. The cream itself is silky smooth and smells very nice with just a hint of the Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oils coming to the forefront. It’s also not too cold; which if you’ve ever applied a cream that was, you know that “jolt” very well. It takes a few moments before that goes away and I for one, hate it. What I wasn’t expecting was the SPEED at which it made its relief known. This stuff is F-A-S-T! No hyperbole at all that it felt like seconds before my discomfort began to rapidly diminish and within 60 seconds or so, it was virtually gone. Wow. That’s a topical I can bring to the front of my cabinet. That relief lasted for a good 2 hours or so which was very much in line with other creams I’ve tried. Here’s the kicker though. Not only did I have less discomfort, I *felt* better after an hour or so. Could that be the Delta 8? I don’t honestly know because I’ve never sampled a Delta-8 cream before. But – while subtle and not loopy – I most definitely felt better. Much better actually. A little lighter in my step and a smile on my face but not anything over the top. You may have tried a lot of CBD Creams yourself, but no matter how good you think the best one you’ve tried is, this one might just edge it out of first place. It did for me. Thank you TribeTokes!

  3. dblanchard73

    I use this D8 pain cream on my lower back and my legs. A couple of minutes later, pain is gone! Having degenerative disc disease, this product is the best!

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