Strongest Strains of Kratom by Each Category

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Traditionally, straight Kratom (not mixed blends) is classified into 3 different strains/colors, each with different purported attributes:

Red: Analgesic pain killing and/or relaxation 
Green: Stress and anxiety relief or mid-day pick-me-up
White: Pure energy, intense focus and sociability

Here are the lists of the strongest kratom strains for each strain/color, based on reviews and outside reports:.

Keep in mind we DO NOT sell any products on this site.  This list is unbiased and taken from many user reviews and our own personal experiences.

Top 5 Strongest Red Vein Kratom

strongest red kratom

Top 5 Strongest Green Vein Kratom:

strongest green kratom

Top 5 Strongest White Vein Kratom:

strongest white vein kratom

Strongest Strain of Kratom

There is a singular product that is generally reviewed as being EONS more potent than anything else on the market.

While most Kratom strains/colors are recommended at a burn of around 2 oz. to be experienced, OPMS Gold purported to be quite different. It is generally reported by individuals as being stronger than anything else on the market.

Numerous reports claim OPMS Gold as close to taking Oxy as it gets. But for most people, it is just the fact that it kills their extreme pain without having all the negative side effects big pharma products have. BUT…it is expensive. Very expensive. While most Kratom you can buy 50 capsules for around $30, this is $40 for 3 capsules – and in some places up to $50! – Click here to view OPMS Gold.